Fruit Juice - Why It's Bad for You

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Fruit juice, while a staple in most children's, teen's and adult's diet, is actually extremely unhealthy for you, unless it's completely organic or freshly squeezed.

Why Fruit Juice Is Bad For You

Fruit juice, which we pack into lunch boxes and sip as we read the morning paper, is considered healthy and good for you. But in reality, it can cause a variety of health problems, including weight gain, diabetes and excessive cavities. What's the reason behind this? The juice from concentrate, which is basically juice with the water (the solvent) removed from it in order to preserve it longer. Juice from concentrate poses many health risks, because when it is in concentrate form, more sugar and flavoring can be added to the juice to make it taste better, while at the same time making the juice unhealthier.

Because so much sugar is added to the juice in concentrate form, the juice that gets packaged into boxes has a lot more sugar and fat stored in it, so that they cause fat to stick to your bones like glue. The sugar can cause a sever rise in blood glucose levels, and drinking too much juice has been linked to diabetes. The excessive sugar can cause massive cavities, which can result in massive dental work, which is very expensive. The added amounts of sugar and carbs can cause you to gain more weight, or make it harder for you to lose the weight you're trying to get off.


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author avatar Denise O
2nd Nov 2010 (#)

I agree that we should use organic fruits and vegetables, when we can.
I just don't know if we can directly link juice to diabetes though.
All things in moderation, was the key with my kids and I.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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