Function of Citta

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It is said that 25% of the world population actually need psychiatric treatment. Do you agree? How do you remove those defilement in the mind?

Function of Citta

Buddhism is free from compulsion and coercion and does not demand blind faith. The Buddhists don’t believe the universe was created by an almighty God. This so-called almighty god cannot be uncaused and similarly cannot be eternal. Buddha said volition gives rise to consciousness, and consciousness in turn gives rise to mind and body. The mind is not the self. The body is not the self. Where is the self? With a serene and contended mind, you will be tranquil and healthy.
The body can look after itself. When it is hot we take a shower. When it is cold we put on more clothes. When it is hungry, we eat something. We take a rest or sleep when it is tired. That poor mind does not take care of itself, unless it has been trained. Bring body and mind back to normal by doing meditation, and the mind will develop automatically. Human bodies are like the sandcastles. How long can they last? The physical brain matures as people age. But the spiritual mind must also mature.
When the Citta is fully concentrated the mindfulness which guards the Citta which is conscious of sense object , will join into one. It will remain by itself. At that moment we can neither speak nor utter a word of explanation. Even after we have come out of that state, we will not be able to explain it clearly. Practise hard on mindfulness, wisdom, and vipassana will arise on its own accord.
When mindfulness and concentration become strong the truth will automatically arise. The more attachment you purge, the stronger the mindfulness and concentration . If the Citta is fully withdrawn and perfectly charged with confidence and faith, being contented in that peaceful and happy sense-objects, it means the Citta drops completely into Bhavanga . Having transcended any sexual inclination and any other attachment, one experiences an unprecendented pleasure, happiness and quietude. There is neither attachment nor aversion for any worldly object. He or she attains a level of perfect bliss. The details and solutions you will experience and see as you put forth effort. Whatever you have elucidated, you see and have realized already. Therefore you do not have any doubt.
If the heart becomes attached to beauty or other things, shake it off immediately before it leads to suffering. When Jhana takes place, it will concentrate on the pleasurable and attach itself to calm and happiness which are its objects. This is not the way to purge defilements. It only pacifies the five hindrances.
When we die the Citta leaves the physical body with its total aggregates and is responsible for rebirth. When the fruit is green, it is sour. When it is yellow, it is sweet. Are they the same? Are they different?
Nibbana ( eternal happiness) is the realm of the noble ones. It is the state beyond birth, aging, sickness and death. It is the ultimate goal of the Buddhists. It was described as pariveka in Pali, meaning absolute freedom, when the mind gradually become apt and fit, with no more mental taints or defilement.


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Nice, informative article, Pohtiongho. I have always been interested in Buddhism.

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