Functions of the skeleton

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Closed fracture can become open fracture.
Damage to skin, nerves and tissue.
Increased bleeding and swelling.
Pain and shock.

Treatment of various fractures

Functions of the skeleton

Produce blood cells

Definition of a fracture
A fracture is a broken or cracked bone

Direct force
Indirect force
Muscular action

S and S of Fractures

S Swelling
p- Pain
l- loss of movement
I -Irregularity
N- Numbness
T- Tenderness
S- Shock

Closed Fractures
Bone is fractured but the surrounding skin is unbroken

Open Fractures
Accompanied by wound, Bone may be protruding

Complicated Fractures
Because it involves major organs;
Nerve Injury
Wound Contamination
Soft tissue injury
Blood vessel damage

Treatment Of Fractures
Monitor vital signs.
Dress all open wounds.
Immobilize using available materials.
Rest / reassure / prevent chilling.
Check circulation distal to fracture site.
Treat for shock
Arrange removal to hospital.
Uncontrolled Movement

Closed fracture can become open fracture.
Damage to skin, nerves and tissue.
Increased bleeding and swelling.
Pain and shock.
Longer rehabilitation.
Greater disability can result from poor. fracture management.

Injury causing the end of a bone to be pulled, or pushed from it’s joint.
Wrist Injuries

Your aims are;
To immobilise the arm
Arrange for removal to hospital

Soft Tissue Injuries

occurs at a joint, when ligaments and tissue
around that particular joint, are suddenly torn or

is a partial tearing or over - stretching of a muscle,
often near a joint.

Treatment (Rice)

Rest the injured part.
Apply Ice or cold compress.
Compress the injury.
Elevate the injured part.


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This writeup is well written with all the essential information about skeleton which one must know in order to give good first aid.

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Thank you so much, I have only just completed my advanced first aid ERF, everything still fresh in the head :)

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