GREEN TEA- for a beautiful me!

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a personal review about green tea and it's benefit to the skin

GREEN TEA's miracle

I've been obsessed with my skin ever since I got those humongous zits when I tried using soaps that were too harsh . Since then , I promised myself never to experiment in any way and make a human guinea pig out of my face but rather seek professional help. Now, I have clear skin but due to Stress and Hormonal Imbalance (Most women have this) which are unavoidable ,recently I got zits on my chin. After researching on the internet on how to zap those filthy zits, I have stumble upon some articles regarding Green Tea. Most of them said that , it has good benefits to the health and especially on the skin.

Truth be told, have you ever wondered why most chinese women have good skin? It's because they've been drinking this miracle drink for so long morning, noon and night!. So, right after reading several articles about it , I brewed myself a cup of chinese green tea that was sitting on our cupboard for quite some time now (I was never a fan of the weird taste of tea) but because I want good skin and I wanna get rid of these stubborn pimples , I need to do some desperate measures and that includes drinking green tea. Now, maybe you'll ask hey why did you even drink it without sugar?

The verdict??

Well, as what I have read , green tea is most effective for it's antioxidant properties especially if you'll just drink it without sugar!.So , after four days of drinking it 4 times a day coupled with drinking almost 2 liters of water a day+ eating healthy+ sleeping early and being gentle to the skin, I have come the conclusion that , it WORKS!!!!!. Sweet Jesus mother of God ! it actually works!!, I survived drinking the tea without sugar , and most of all , as days go by , it actually lessened my pimples in 4 days!.The redness is somewhat gone but I can really feel that it is actually working!. Soooo, what are you waiting for?? Grabe that tea now and start drinking it! It's good for the health and body ! Oh and I almost forgot , drinking these may cause your pee to smell weird but hey , If you've got good skin , the heck with it right?? Happy drinking!!!

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