GUARANTEED Hair Growth in Your Hands

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In this article we will show you how to obtain optimum hair growth and strength, without stretching your purse strings!

GUARANTEED Hair Growth in Your Hands

I am going to be speaking on a topic that is a top priority for many of us sistas when it comes to our hair care, and that is, hair growth. I mean, every black hair store you walk in, you will find guzillions of rows stacked with hair products that promise successful growth. Some even go as far as to say 'rapid' growth. Well, as appealing and promising as these commercial brands may appear, I haven't met any sista who has reported to me how their hair has grown long within a short space of time, as a result of using these products. There are two main reasons why this is the case:

1. The sulphates and other harsh abrasives found in the product, strips the hair of all its natural oils. So don't expect your hair to grow while it is starving of nutrients. Which leads to my next point: don't expect your hair to grow while it is dying of thirst too! Yes, grease does not moisturize, but coats and suffocates the hair from getting moisture.

The second reason why loading the hair with products that assure rapid growth, does not benefit, is because of the little things we do each day that stunt hair growth. What I am saying is, is that our hair can grow, and was designed to growth just as much as other hair types!

In this blog post, I want to share with you how the growth of your hair, is in your hands; and I mean literally in your hands. It doesn't take rocket science; it won't take a whole lot of money; but it requires your time, and tender loving care, in order for your hair to be the strength, and length that God designed it to be.

What NOT to do....
1. Tight Braids:
Black sistas hair is fragile, and needs to be handled with care. When we braid our hair tightly, it sure won't cause the hair to grow, but rather offset 'traction alopecia', which is the leading cause of hair loss among black women. When my daughter was a baby and through infancy, I used to tightly braid her hair, tightly put it in hair bands, and oh did I see the fruit of such hair styling: she suffered with hair loss around the front, sides and the back of her hair. I am so grateful that I found out while she was young, that that was not the way to go. Now, her hair is growing back, but it took some time.

2. Hair Extension Methods
Some methods include glue or heat. That is a no no!

3. Chemical Relaxers
I am sure you can relate that when you were supposed to be re-touching your new growth, some of the relaxer has overlapped onto the previously processed hair. Well, it's not supposed to. The re-touching method, is for NEW GROWTH ONLY. Your hair will get over-processed.

4. Heat
Hair irons, dryers and other heating utensils, cause breakage. If you find that when you are using these that you see smoke coming from them, then it's too hot for your hair. If you are going to use heat, then use the lowest possible tempertaure and put a protectant on your hair first. Castor oil, is a great natural protectant.

5. Frozen Hair
Any hair product that freezes the style into place; or that makes the hair hard, dry and crunchy, should be avoided.

6. Oiling the scalp
We were all brought up with our scalp being oiled regularly for generations, but it has been proven that greasing the scalp clogs the pores, thus suffocating the hair follicles, which end the end leads to hair loss. So when you oil your hair (notice I said 'oil' and not 'grease') be sure to apply it directly to the hair only, and NOT to the scalp.

7. Vigourous Drying with towel
When drying the hair with a towel, do not rub it vigorously with a towel, but rather pat dry.

8. Night Scarves
Using any other material to wrap your head, other than satin, will damage the hair. When you do tie it, don't always have the know in the same position each night. Rotate it.

9. "Leave me alone!!!!!!!"
I am sure that if our hair had a voice, it would often say to many of us: "Leave me alone!!!' In other words, don't always be touching, styling and handling your hair. This causes breakage. Our hair grows well when we give it a rest.

10. Combing Methods
I think we would do well to take heed to the cries of our kids when we are styling their Seriously, it is more than likely an indicator that we are being a tad bit rough with their hair. When combing our hair, sistas, gentle does it, and detangle using a wide tooth comb.

What TO do to guarantee optimum growth and strength.....
1. Drink LOTS of water. The reccomended intake is 8 to 10 glasses a day.
2. Diet and Nutrition is VERY important. As we feed the body with the required nutrients from plant based sources, you will be amazed at how it also feeds the hair!
3. Minimize heating as much as possible.
4. Natural products ONLY, i.e. Rosemary and Sage are renown for its growth promoting properties.
5. Handle with EXTREME care.
6. Simple hair styles. The less time we spend on our hair and the lsimpler the style, will decrease the trauma that the hair has to go through.
7. Cleansing regularly.
8. Scalp massages often, circulates the blood and stimulates the natura oils found in the scalp.
9. Protect your ends. Moisturize them daily, and try to keep them from rubbing against your collar.

Food for thought:
View your hair as a plant, that needs to be handled with tlc, and you will get splendid results!
'If you would train a pink, or rose, or lily, how would you do it? Ask the gardener by what process he makes every branch and leaf to flourish so beautifully, and to develop in symmetry and loveliness. He will tell you that it was by no rude touch, no violent effort; for this would only break the delicate stems. It was by little attentions, often repeated. He moistened the soil and protected the growing plants from the fierce blasts and from the scorching sun, and God caused them to flourish and to blossom into loveliness.' {Mrs. Ellen G. White}


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author avatar Ricky
14th Apr 2011 (#)

Sounds like the way to go.

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author avatar Rana shshzad
30th May 2012 (#)

it is totally wrong that oil should not be used on sculp,oil is so essential for sculp hair humble request that such type of baseless cures should be avioded .thanks

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author avatar Rana shahzad
30th May 2012 (#)

in this article it is written that oil should not be used on sculp ,how can we aviod it from sculp .such type of illogical methods and advices must be avioded .i have never heard that sculp should only be used on hair and not on sculp.thanks

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author avatar Pawan sharma
27th Feb 2013 (#)

Hi this is pawan sharma i am 27 year old i am hair lossuer problam

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