Garlic: The Herbal Wonder Drug

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Worshiped by the ancient Egyptians, chewed by Greek athletes, the benefits of garlic are now also supported by strong scientific evidence.

Garlic: The Herbal Wonder Drug

Garlic has been proven to protect against heart diseases (by thinning the blood and helping to lower cholesterol) and ward off coughs and colds (it’s a powerful antimicrobial)

So, where do garlic’s health benefits actually come from? When garlic is chewed, crushed or cut, it releases a sulphur compound called allicin – this is what gives it its characteristic scent and flavor. This is also the component that scientists have believe is responsible for garlic’s therapeutic qualities.

Protecting your heart
Most modern researchers on garlic concentrate on its ability to lower cholesterols and blood pressure as well as offering protection against strokes and heart disease.
Garlic also help the body fight off infections. One study, in a recent issue of the American society for microbiology’s antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, explains how allicin is a broad spectrum antimicrobial, capable off different type of infections. Furthermore, unlike with antibiotics, the body does not appear to build up resistance to garlic, so it’s positive health benefits continue over time.

Fighting the common cold
A recent study found the daily intake of garlic reduced the risk of catching a cold by half; those who did succumb were more likely to make a speedier recovery than the non-garlic taking volunteers. And if you needed any more reasons for that clove every day, it’s also a rich source of vitamins A and C. B-complex and various minerals including selenium, iodine, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium.

A Clove a Day
For best results, you need to eat the garlic as soon as possible after peeling as its potency fades the more it is exposed to light. Sadly, although it still tastes great, cooking diminishes most of garlic’s healing powers.

If you really can’t stand the taste and want to take garlic tablets, be wary of useless supplements. Many experts believe that the allicin in garlic cloves is so violate that heating and deodorizing it so that your breath doesn’t smell diminished and its potency. The only really effective garlic supplements are those known as real allicin products. Garlic oil, aged garlic extract and garlic powder are inferior products, with few healing properties.

While some of the medical communities are not yet convinced, I think that old fashioned remedies seem to work and give us a powerful no-drug approach to health during the cold spell.


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author avatar Prasul Surendran
22nd Jun 2011 (#)

Quite useful information :) Thanks mate!

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
22nd Jun 2011 (#)

My mother in law has been using garlic as her anti-body for blood pressure for years. It is a good herbal. Thank you for sharing more info about it.

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