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Montreal women often find themselves destitute, pregnant and homeless. It is a serious problem that faces a lot of women across Canada and the United States.

To be a Mother or not

Becoming a mother can be the most amazing thing in the world, or it can also be one of the most devastating as well. There are women who plan to have children and then there are women who don't. Either way it is better to know as soon as possible whether or not a baby is on the way.

Pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms

If the woman is pregnant there are different things going on in the body that will give an indication, such as a lost period. However, women can cease to menstruate for various reasons.

Hormone fluctuations will cause other early signs including tender breasts, vomiting, dizziness, and vertigo. If any of these signs occur it would be wise to get a pregnancy test right away, so if the woman wants to keep the baby she will begin a healthy regime under the care of a doctor. If she does not want to keep the baby and is deciding on aborting the sooner the procedure is done the better for all concerned.

Note: this examiner is not advocating or denouncing abortion she is just providing information and each women will make her own personal choice.

DNA testing to determine paternity

DNA testing to determine paternity

Sometimes women want to keep the baby but have been with several partners and it would require that the males in question take a DNA paternity test to determine the father.

Again, it would be important for the male partners to get a paternity test if the woman is single and is planning on keeping the baby since she may want child support. Men, who are uncertain that they are the true fathers of the baby, may refuse testing claiming the baby is not theirs or they may demand testing to assure that the baby is theirs before they agree to support the child. Sometimes certain men may not believe the woman is pregnant at all. They may believe she is just trying to manipulate them into marriage. This may occur in situations where the men are rich or in high profile positions. They too might ask for a pregnancy test before entering into a premature marriage.

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