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The Buchu herb is a plant indigenous to the Western Cape of South Africa, and has incredible diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Buchu Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a debilitating health issue that can be prolonged and difficult to treat. Almost 82 percent of adults suffer from acute or chronic back pain at some point in their lives. Sitting in front of a computer for long periods at a time isn’t helpful and accounts for over 93 percent of reported back pain!

Originates in the Body’s Nerve Highway

The difficulty with back pain is that it arises from the spine, the body’s main highway comprising an intricate network of nerves, muscles, joints, bones and ligaments. Identifying the underlying cause can be tricky as the pain is often referred to other parts of the body.

Musculoskeletal in Nature

The type of pain experienced - a dull ache, sharp, piercing pain or a burning sensation - together with any other symptoms including tingling, weakness and numbness, can help with a diagnosis.

In the vast majority of cases, however, acute or chronic back pain is musculoskeletal in nature and is caused by inflammation. This is where South Africa’s buchu plant steps in.

Unpleasant Adverse Effects

Medical treatments vary from non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroid injections, muscle relaxants to manipulation and surgery, all of which have dangerous or unpleasant adverse effects, have little to no proven efficacy, or prolonged recovery times.

Buchu - Nature’s Power-Packed Anti-inflammatory

A natural alternative with highly effective anti-inflammatory qualities is the indigenous buchu herb which is commercially cultivated in the Western Cape mountains for its medicinal benefits.

Oil is extracted from the leaves in an organic process and formulated into a product range of buchu health care products that has been given a resounding thumbs up by eminent scientists and academics.

How Does Buchu Relieve Back Pain?

Inflammation has been identified as the major culprit of back pain. It is the body’s automatic response to insult or injury which dilutes, neutralises and removes the offending agent and triggers cell and tissue repair.

An accumulation of fluid and neutrophils - cells that gobble or expel the offending agent - result in swelling and the associated pinched nerves, loss of mobility and eventually damaged or deformed joints.

By limiting or inhibiting this process, known as the oxidative burst, buchu retards inflammation, thereby reducing chronic pain.

Finding Buchu Health Care Products

Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals has pioneered a range of effective health care products scientifically formulated from FDA-approved buchu oil. Published articles and clinical trials back up the efficacy of buchu as a natural anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, antiseptic and natural diuretic.

You can browse the products online at, read more about the latest research, scan testimonials from contented customers, or contact the buchu specialists online.

Invest in buchu, nature’s back pain reliever which is the medicinal component in Buchu Joint Health Capsules, Buchu Sparkling Herbal Water and other BuchuLife products.


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26th Jan 2012 (#)

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.:)

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26th Jan 2012 (#)

nice piece

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26th Jan 2012 (#)

yeah, that's an interesting plant

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10th Jan 2013 (#)

What is the price of Buchulife
UTI for 40 capsules.My wholesaler charged me R63.00
for 6 boxes of 40. Now they charge R63.00 fir 1 box.What is the correct price?

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