Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying: The Secret to Finally Getting Healthy

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Do you want a healthy life or an unhealthy one? You have a choice.

What's Stopping You From Choosing to Be Healthy?

I've had it! It seems like every day I hear someone complain about their overall health and fitness level. Whether it's someone saying that my thighs are too big or my weight is too high, it appears that there are a lot of people in the world who are unhappy with their overall health level and want to change. The thing that amazes me is that that these same people almost never seem to go beyond the complaining part. What gives?

Well, I'll tell you althougth if you are one of these people, deep down you may know the answer already.

Procrarstination. The fine art of leaving things to the last minute. I'm guilty of it and I'm guessing that you are too.

I believe that a lot of people have established a pattern of getting things done at the last minute. Whether it's submitting an assigment or project on the last possible day that it is due, leaving at the last possible moment in order to make an appointment, or not choosing to fill up your car's gas tank until the needle is well below the empty sign. A simple fact of life is that it is simple human nature to leave things to the last moment, including our health. How many times have you said that you'll cut down on sweets? Start going for a walk after dinner? Go to bed at a reasonable hour? Start going to the gym? Start going for a run? What stopped you?

I believe that too often we view our health as something that we can change quickly. Something that is easy to fix. Something that can be left to the last minute. What are we thinking? Good health is a means to a good life yet we often choose to allow our health to deteriorate to a point where there is no easy fix. In some cases there is no fix at all.

It's time we realize that the time to take control of our health is now, not later when it's potentially too late. Get your but up off your couch, or computer chair. Take control of your life. Now not later.

As the main character Andy Defresne stated in the Shawshank Redemption, "It's time to either get busy living ore get busy dying."

Make your choice.


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author avatar Denise O
21st Feb 2011 (#)

I hear ya. Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar M.N.
12th Jul 2011 (#)

you are right, if people be as healthy as to decide one choice...

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