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Exercise is as essential for the body as is food. However, not all of us find the time for exercises. Here are some simple alternatives to exercising. Using these work outs you can keep in shape without exerting yourself too much.

Too tired to exercise

Everybody knows the feeling the – but I feel fine now and the – let it go for another day or two. Exercise is not an accident and to get going again you have to plan a schedule especially after a long layoff. When you slacken, you do not do anything good for your body. Let us not dwell on your regret portion too long we will have time enough for that when we are too old to think about cross country mile-and-a-half. Muscles in the body will lose their tautness if one takes long breaks.

Instant fixes for fitness

Since one cannot go through the entire tough exercise routine, we rack up some alternatives that work just as fine. These work out fixes are instant remedies and will keep you in good shape if you spend a little time on it. There is no need to push yourself through a grueling session of ones and twos. Here are three or four instant workout fixes everyone would have thought of and probably use to get going through a busy day.
· Squats
· Inclined Pushups
· Stair running
· Jump Kicks


Do not think, just sit and stand. These are simple exercises, that need no count and will revive anyone instantly. You can also hold on to some stool or the arm of a chair if there is need for some support. One will have to sit all way down and so make sure that your outfit is not tight. Repeat this exercise 3—4 times and then break off. Wait for one minute before repeating cycle. Do this about 4 –5 times whenever you feel sluggish.

Inclined Pushups

First, lean on to arm of a chair. Make sure that your feet are not slipping. Push up slowly to full stretch of arms. Let back be firm and straight and do not weave body or hips about. To repeat procedure, come close to arm of chair again. Push your self off fully. This can be done anywhere and anytime. Regular exercisers should repeat this 3 times.

Stair Running

One can do this best at some stadium since there are steps there. Try to run at an angle rather than face stairs directly. Running face on increases stress. Remember to quit when tired. When tired the feet will lose their grip and might cause one to trip when they run. This workout is good for developing strong hips and legs. If combined with exercises for abs, you will derive maximum benefit.

Jump Kicks

In this simple workout, you develop rhythm slowly jumping off the ground by jumping a little first and then building up momentum on third or fourth jump for maximum height. At that instant, kick legs out before you land back on ground. This is especially good for runners and athletes who are undergoing training for an event. It helps keep abs tight and reduces appetite.

Pay Attention to what you eat

Any of these instant workout fixes will have effect only if one maintains a proper diet. Avoiding drinks containing sugar and alcohol helps stable metabolic activity. Keeping their internal clock in tune helps one regulate their health perfectly. Food exercise and rest will make anyone strong and fit again. Follow the instant workout fixes and get going again. Remember to keep the clock ticking with your effort not with your sleeping.

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author avatar Mariah
10th Jun 2014 (#)

Excellent combination of information and advice on both your post on healthy eating and this one in relation to compatible exercise.
Good all round motivation.
Thank you

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author avatar snerfu
11th Jun 2014 (#)

Great to see you Mariah. Thanks for the pat.

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author avatar C.D. Moore
10th Jun 2014 (#)

Good advice, clearly delivered!

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author avatar snerfu
11th Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks for stopping by. It is good to see you Ms Moore.

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