Get rid of disease and stress.

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With a perfect immunity I think that we are the most healthy, and that if we want these things and if we also take into account everything we consume, you should always take care of us.

Be healthy and carefree.

Each of us needs immunity clear and that is something no one can say that would not need this depends, for without immunity can be the sickest and even without little power.

However, for the whole family to be for everyone, and be healthy we must consider and Nutrition, and so we can be even better and not worry we eat some natural recipes that make us very well and are not damaging the body.
What would be:
1. Red fruits, like strawberries, red apple, raspberry, red cherry, pomegranate, blueberries, red grapes, red grapefruit, they are the best and we waive the immunity.
2. Vegetables red devices such as tomato, pepper and red pepper at the peppers, beets, red onions even.

And because we have listed some of the most important and which ones should be consumed every day to keep us healthy, beets, since past, that for a long time, is used to accentuate your order, you can improve everything related to vision loss or other uses more can be used for liver regeneration, so I say it every time my grandfather because he always consumes on an empty stomach one piece of beets.

I can say that every man who lived in the countryside or in the villages that are long compared to the city, are very clever enough to tell us about any vegetable can, and how we eat and what we can make this vegetable or fruit.

There are other remedies that we use when we go to a pharmacy and ask a very good tea for immunity The lime is very good, besides give us peace and give us strength after rest, is and a good remedy for us, Burdock, and this is the best tea you can find in herbal shop or in pharmacies.
We need to know one thing and that is that we can not eat excessive amounts of tea, because we can do more harm than good, so must we know in general any consume daily.


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3rd Feb 2015 (#)

Yes, we need to get rid of stress. Great share.

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8th Feb 2015 (#)

It is a good idea to rid ourselves of stress and eating healthy is a great way to start.

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