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Few days ago, I noticed that my right eye became itchy, teary, and then I thought something was inside it and blocking my eyesight. I washed my face with water and tried to avoid contact with my eye but it became worse the following day. I saw a small bump in the lower part of my eyelid and then I started to feel a sort of discomfort whenever I close my eyes. I grabbed some books and browsed the internet to educate myself and I found out that those are symptoms of Stye or maybe Chalazion.


Stye also known as Hordeolum is a small bump or lump that can be found usually inside or outside of the eyelids. It is very painful and annoying. There are two types of Stye. The first one is External (when the lump is right next to the eyelash- please see attached picture) and the second one is Internal (Found on the underside of the eyelid. It's not dangerous but can be recurring.

CHALAZION is the enlargement of an oil producing gland in the eyelid.


Stye is caused by Bacterial infection. This bacteria usually grows in the root of eyelashes. A Hordeolum develops when one of the oil glands is blocked and will then form a Chalazion . Here are some of the symptoms.

STYE usually starts with itchy eyelids and then you will see a small pimple like bump on the outer layer of your eyelid or on the underside of your eyelid. You will feel pain as it continues to develop.
CHALAZION looks like a small cyst which is not painful and usually smaller than a stye.

Proper Treatment and Prevention

Both can be treated at home and you can do it by yourself. Apply hot compress as this will help unblock the pores and the healing process will be faster. You may use eye drop solution but make sure to ask a prescription from a specialist.

To prevent these from recurring, you should have a proper eyelid hygiene like washing it with soapy water (baby soap diluted in water) using cotton bud. Try not to apply make up as much as possible to avoid blockage.


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author avatar Phyl Campbell
4th Jun 2014 (#)

Informative! Thanks!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
4th Jun 2014 (#)

thanks for the informative post!

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author avatar Azila
4th Jun 2014 (#)

Thank you for appreciating my work! :-)

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author avatar Retired
8th Jun 2014 (#)

This is an informative post. I had not known about the chalazion.

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author avatar Azila
9th Jun 2014 (#)

Me too. I only know stye because I always have it but chalazion not really so I made some research and I found this. Thank you for your feedback!!!

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
22nd Jun 2014 (#)

Informative.Thanks for the share.

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