Getting Rid of Excess: Hair Removal

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In the summer of getting rid of excess hair becomes particularly relevant. What to prefer – epilation or hair removal? On the effectiveness of salon and home ways quite comparable. The difference in comfort, speed and, of course, price.

Getting Rid of Excess: Hair Removal


The simplest and most affordable way to get rid of excess body hair. Modern appliances are working even in water, practically do not injure the skin and do not cause irritation. Epilators catch even the latest generation of hair length 0,5 mm.
Pluses: fast, long-term effect (2-3 weeks).
Cons: quite painful, especially in the bikini area and underarms. Dermatologists also warn that if you have a single wart, the appliance may want to split them across the shin.
Description: before the procedure is better to steam the skin, and after – to cause a cooling cream.


After waxing the hair begins to grow more slowly, becomes soft and light. Houses can be used as a warm and hot wax. The first release is usually in the form of strips: they conveniently remove hair on legs and arms, they are extremely easy to use – just reheat them around to attach to the skin and the slight movement to remove hairs from the root. Hot wax requires no additional equipment – voskonagrevatelya, but it can be heated in the microwave or in a water bath. It is optimally suited for small areas, in particular, bikini zone.
Pluses: the effect of up to 3-4 weeks. At the same time achieved the effect of soft peeling. Wax allergy, suitable for most sensitive skin. Wax Strips are designed for different skin types and contain the caring components.

Cons: painful, but pain is faster than that of the appliance.

Features: do not alternate the wax with a razor. Before treatment, take a warm shower so the pores open. After apply the gel, retarding the growth of hair and prevents ingrown hairs.

While most methods of hair removal advertised under the slogan “remove hair forever, do not expect that after the first session, you will forget about the extra vegetation. On the contrary, after a week you will find new hairs. The fact that the hair has different stages of growth. Removal destroys only those that are visible, sleeping in the same waiting for their turn after a while strikes on the surface. To remove all the hair should be affect the bulb every few times, so that the process is delayed for many months. Arrangement also enhances their sensitivity to UV, so if you love the sun, put waxed until the autumn.


Bioepilyatsiya – a superficial removal of hair, almost exciting hair follicles. To do this, use warm or hot wax, or shugaring – hot sugar. The composition is applied to the skin and after curing sharply tear. Both methods are equally effective, but shugaring is less painful.
Pros: bioepilyatsiyu can even take place during pregnancy.
Cons: the procedure quite uncomfortable. Contraindications pronounced varicose veins and diabetes.


At the onion dot affect different types of current – alternating low voltage galvanic current, or very high frequency: thermolysis, electrolysis, Blend, Flash.
Pros: guaranteed results. No side effects and restrictions on the skin type and hair color.
Cons: painfully long time, because each hair is treated separately. Contraindicated in hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, varicose veins.


In skin affected by cosmetic alexandrite, or neodymium laser, which damages the hair follicle.Hairs do not die immediately, but gradually, over 1-2 weeks. The method copes with thick and coarse hair.
Pros: after a full course (7-10 sessions) may get rid of excess vegetation forever.
Cons: painfully. Not suitable for light hair.


Effective for all hair types – from light to dark hard. According to the principle of action is similar to the laser, but is held on the equipment with other wavelengths. Flashes affect only the hair, which are in the active stage of growth. In one procedure can remove about 30% of all vegetation. For complete hair removal will require 6-8 sessions.
Pluses: lack of allergic reactions, speed, non-contact.
Cons: contraindicated in pregnancy, psoriasis, diabetes, multiple pigmented nevus (moles).


Assumes a double impact on the hair – infrared radiation and electric shock. Due to this procedure greatly increases the efficiency, it is possible to remove and dark, and blonde hair.Virtually no discomfort. Full course – 5-7 sessions, held every few weeks.
Pros: completely removes any hair type and structure.
Cons: possible minor burns and scars on the skin (it all depends on the professionalism of the wizard). Before processing, underarms and bikini zone is desirable to consult with the endocrinologist. Contraindicated in pregnancy.


1. A week before and 2-3 weeks after depilation and epilation can not sunbathe.
2. Within 3-5 days after the session is not recommended to visit the sauna, swimming pool, do any cosmetic procedures, including massage.
3. In the presence of chronic diseases should consult a physician.
4. Do not plan sessions for the last few days before menstruation – at this time the pain is especially pronounced.
5. If after depilation or epilation irritation arose, dissolve a couple of aspirin tablets in 1 / 4 cup water and wipe the composition of the skin. Half an hour later the redness will be held.


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