Giving from the inside - a poem by Uttik

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When we use our conditioned mind to give, what we give may not be what others need. When we learn to give from the stillness of the mind, what we give is always of use and comfort to others.

Giving from the inside

I sat upon a stone, away from the road well taken,
A lover came by one day, and sat herself by my side.
"He does not understand me", said she, wearing anxiety on her lovely face,
I gave her counsel, and it passed right through her, with no contact,
Then I listened, and she left with a quieter heart.

On a day, an apprentice came to me, and sat by my side,
"Will I ever make something of my life?", asked he.
I spoke at length upon the roads for his travel,
And upon the paths of learning,
I tried to speak of his attributes - current, and to be,
But his vacant face reflected an oarless boat on a shoreless sea,
I then sought his services for my work, and he left with a sense of purpose.

On a day a little angel with two pigtails came and sat by my side,
"I am hungry, but mother doesn't give me what I want", said she.
I carried her to many a fine diner and offered their finest,
But her hunger was not sated,
I held her upon her my lap, and narrated many a tale,
But her face gave away her starvation still,
I then asked her to tell me a tale,
She did, her face beaming brighter than the overhead moon,
And she skipped away, her heart content.

One day, an ailing woman came and sat by my side,
"I can bear this pain no longer", said she, her face wincing with each passing spasm.
I brought many an acclaimed physician for healing,
None succeeded in full measure,
Then, I held her hand and cried with her,
With each spasm, I felt it sting and rack my body, and we ached together,
Now she felt stronger, and left, with a firmer step, and a straighter back.

The moonlight filled the night, and effaced me,
I felt one with the roots and the trees,
One with the birds and the bees,
One with the doer and his tools,
One with the sages and the fools,
The world is set in its changing ways, and its onward tide,
But it matters not, all is well, for I just need to give from the inside.


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author avatar Jayasree
27th Dec 2015 (#)

Really good.

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author avatar Retired
27th Dec 2015 (#)

So true!

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author avatar ginaguo
28th Dec 2015 (#)

I only want to know if there is really the God. Should I be an atheist or a god-fearer?

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author avatar Sriram
30th Dec 2015 (#)

It is said, where there is love there is no fear. Where there is fear there is no love.
If we can develop love for all beings and love for nature, it is equivalent to loving god.
If I have to fear a god, that that is no god - that would never give me peace of mind, nor any lasting happiness. God-loving is what is needed, not god-fearing.

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