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My efforts of giving up smoking, it includes previous efforts and some info that others might find useful, hints and tips that make it easier to give up smoking.

Smoking/non smoking. To E, smoke or not to E, smoke that is the question?

Times have changed !! there's no doubt about that, Anyone that has smoked knows, it's not easy to give up for good, it has been an active part of most cultures for a very long time. In fact, we have at times been encouraged to smoke by media and many other outside influences. Now we know, it IS bad for your health, it IS highly addictive and it makes you smell bad!
I started smoking as a teenager, it was great for a while, i didn't notice the smell because everyone around me smoked (except my parents, they used to but gave up years ago, they were very strong, they decided to quit and that was it ! they did it, no patches, gum or anything, they were not around then). It kept my weight down to super skinny, mainly because you feel sick and it was cool, yes stupid now i think back but I was young and impressionable.
I have given up twice before, it was difficult, eased with patches, breaking the routines etc,. both times it was about two years then i started again, seemed like a good idea at the time but regretted it almost straight away, it starts with a couple of puffs one night when your out with friends, a glass of wine, defenseless as it were , "Oh, yes i used to smoke", those were the days, i'm sure many people start smoking again like this, before you know it your back to ten a day and every little bit of stress is met with, "Oh, I need a fag!" disgusting !!
This time I mean It! I had my last cigarette on Christmas eve 2012 and the last six months I have found myself 'almost on a quest so to speak' to ease the un-comfortableness of the transition into a healthy non smoker. So, I have sampled numerous 'giving up aids' over the last six months and this is my own personal view of all of them, i hope you find it helpful.
Nicotine Gum, this stuff tastes really awful and it burns the mouth, I didn't read the instruction properly and just threw one in my mouth and started chewing, It recommends you chew it a few times then 'let it rest', putting it between your lip and gum, I didn't do this and just chewed then spat it out when it started burning my mouth. I tried again a little later when the burning subsided and did what the instructions said (this did make me chuckle, instructions on how to chew he he) but I still found the burning sensation at 'rest stage' still not to my liking. I decided this option was not for me.
Nicotine Lozenge/ pastilles, I read the instructions first on this one, it recommended the same 'rest stage' so i prepared myself, at first it was just a little bit minty (I had chosen mint flavor) but once the outer coating started to melt away it was the familiar burning sensation starting to come through, I gave it 'a rest' and pushed it to the side of my mouth and continued knitting ( this is very helpful for keeping your hands busy, Very Important!) I think I lasted about ten seconds. The spit in my mouth washed through a real taste of the lozenge/pastille and it made me gag, after spitting it in the bin, brushing my teeth thoroughly and using a good deal of mouthwash i was still getting a slight after taste several hours later so decided that Nicotine was not not meant to be sucked or chewed! Definitely not for me anyway!
Patches, I got on quite well with these, the itching dies down after a while and you do get the sweaty sticky patches on your skin which can be a bit of a pain. If you can keep your hands busy or substitute a lolly then these are workable, they are expensive which can put you off and if you run out too soon it can make you go back to cigarettes quite quickly but on the whole yes these work well. If you can get them free on UK prescription and working with your chemist you can give up successfully, I did it this way but as i said earlier went back to smoking after a couple of years
E-Cigarettes, there are many varieties, over the last six months I have tried three brands, E-Cigs, Clearsmoke and E-Lites. They are essentially an inhalator, you have a rechargeable battery with changeable tips, they heat up the substance in the filter end giving you nicotine vapor, when in use, you suck on it as you would a cigarette and the end lights up ( some green some red, different brands have different colors) you then inhale the vapor which does resemble smoke, when exhaling you do get vapor coming out as you would smoking a real cigarette, the pluses of this is it's very close to smoking, you do get the kick at the back of the throat as you would with smoking and you get Nicotine without the other chemicals of cigarettes.
On the down side, they are very expensive as non of the brands i have tried do not last as long as advertised and it is still Nicotine, Nicotine is Addictive!!
If your thinking about giving up it is worth giving them a try or trying to cut down, I can not stand the smell of people smoking around me now, so that is another plus.
My personal view of the brands I have tried,
E-Cigs, they are OK, wouldn't convince me to quit as they are quite cheap looking and have that cheap feel about them, I personally didn't like the taste ( I did only try Nicotine flavor but they have many others) and It is a mail order sign up, you try the kit then they sign you up for a certain amount of refill tips, If you sign up with them, do haggle the monthly price, they are flexible and they want your custom.
Clearsmoke, loved these, they are the same but half the size, better finish to them and nicely packaged, also I found the flavor more to my liking but one of the reviews I have read likened these to smoking old socks, but again they come in different flavors. They are again a monthly sign up after a trial, so I would again recommend working out a 'personal' monthly plan.
E-Lites, I am still using these, I like that fact you can buy them at most cigarette outlets over the counter, rather than waiting for the to be delivered, they are the same size as E-Cigs but with a better finish to them, you can buy just one 'cig' over the counter to try without the obligation of a trial and sign up. Refill's of two tips are generally £7.99 but they do a reward incentive scheme, every ten tips you send them they give you two refill tips, also the taste for me is as close to a real cigarette as i'm going to get. The major plus for me is there is no smell !
Viva the vapor revolution !

A few things that help when you first give up smoking

Keep your hands busy, doodle or draw, take up knitting, painting or crafts that will make it difficult for your hands to crave a cigarette, (this will happen, the hand to mouth movement is ingrained). keep some sugar free lollies close to hand.
when you leave the house or office and your running through a mental checklist ie, keys, phone etc,. replace cigarettes/ fags, with chewing gum or breath mints, just so you don't get that 'feel like i have forgotten something'.
Avoid friends that smoke, just for a little while.
Keep some bite sized carrot, cucumber and rocket in the fridge, it will help if you have something tangy or fresh to take the edge off of your cravings.
You will put on a little weight when you first give up but don't worry you will start to feel better.
Remove from your personal spaces all the items linked to smoking, don't be tempted to keep a pack of ten in a draw somewhere, it will always be at the back of your mind to have 'just one'
Increase your intake of water, it will help cleanse your system and help with missing the hand to mouth motion.
Keep a small tin with some ash and just a couple of smoked butts in, After a few days of not smoking, if you really want a cigarette, open the tin and take a whiff, it will put you off


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