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From aerobics to diets and Zumba, did your favorite fitness trend make this year’s list?


The annual survey of worldwide fitness trends is now in its 10th year. The survey is completed by thousands of professionals to determine the health and fitness trends of the year. There were 40 possible trends. This year26,933 health professionals were surveyed they included current ACSM-certified professionals, ACSM Alliance members, nonmember ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal® subscribers, ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal® Associate Editors, and ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal® Editorial Board members. Respondents were worldwide and included the countries of Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, India, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States. Here are the top fitness trends of 2016;

Wearable Technology

Coming in first was wearable technology which included fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors, and GPS tracking devices. Some of the fitness and activity trackers were Fitbit and the year old Apple Watch®. It has been predicted the Apple Watch® will be a $6 billion market this year. Also predicted in this category to reach billions of dollars will include smart glasses, smart fabrics and interactive textiles.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training does not require weights or machines your own weight gives resistance against gravity. Body weight training did not appear as a trend until 2013 when its popularity began to soar. Body weight training is a fitness trend to look in upcoming years and is in the number two spot on the survey.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High intensity exercise followed by short rest period usually done in a half-hour or less. Even though this trend comes with warnings from health and fitness professionals about injuries it is popular in gyms worldwide.

Strength Training

Strength training is vital part of your exercise regimen and is for all physical levels. Strength training not only ranks number four but had the same ranking in last year’s trends. No matter if you’re young or old you can do this exercise. Strength training benefits also reduce the risk for osteoporosis and other chronic conditions including heart disease, depression, and obesity.

Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals

When choosing a health or fitness professional make sure they are certified. Certified fitness professionals are trained in exercise prescription and instruction. This trend will continue due accreditation offered by national accrediting organizations for health and fitness and clinical exercise program professionals.

Personal Training

Personal training comes in sixth and has been in the top ten trends of this survey for the past nine years. Kinesiology is increasing becoming popular for a degree. It covers the scientific study of human and non-human body and focuses on physiological, bio-mechanical, and psychological mechanisms of movement. Personal trainers are now found in all areas in the health fitness industry.

Functional fitness

Functional fitness is doing physical activities to help train your muscles to do daily activities you may do. It also improves balance, coordination, force, power, endurance. It can reduce your risk for injury and improve quality of life. It is beneficial for older adults. Last year this trend was number nine now we find it at number eight.

Fitness Programs for Older Adults

Many health and fitness professionals are now using their time to keep older adults active and healthy. The programs provide safe and appropriate exercises for older adults. Fitness programs for older adults help to reduce diseases and conditions. Key fitness programs should include flexibility, strength, cardiovascular and neuromotor. Fitness programs for older adults are expected to be a strong trend.

Exercise and Weight Loss

The combination of exercise and weight loss is a trend that concentrates on calorie restriction and a sensible exercise program. In 2009 this trend was number 18 and now is in the number nine slot. Most well-known diets combine weight loss with exercise and some add in personalized meals for their clients.


Yoga comes in at the number ten spot. Yoga is available in different forms including Power yoga and Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Anuara Yoga. There is a wide range of books and videos on yoga. Certified yoga instructors are growing in numbers. Yoga leaves you with a serene feeling but it also combats stress and used to manage many chronic conditions such as heart disease, blood pressure and depression.

Work Place Health Promotion

Many companies now are participating in work place health promotion to improve the health and well-being of their employees. Work place health promotion consists of a range programs and services. Some of the companies with work place health promotion programs include DuPont, John Deere, Nova Nordisk and Google.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness couching is becoming increasingly popular to improve the health and well-being of their client. Wellness coaching is usually one-on-one. Wellness coaching provides support, guidance and encouragement to their clients. Most often wellness coaches are sought out to help a person improve their lifestyle.

Outdoor Activities

Coming in at number fourteen, outdoor activities includes camping, hiking, canoeing, games and sports. It also includes high adventure programs like mountain climbing and wilderness backpacking. These activities can be done alone, with family and friends or even colleagues or persons form your worship center.

Rest of List

The other trends were as follows:
15. Sport Specific Training such as baseball designed to enhance athletic performance. It can be for high school athletes for skill development and performance during off season.
16. Flexibility and mobility rollers
These rollers are developed for massage to relieve muscle tension and spasms, increase circulation, use muscle pain in order to return to normal activity. These rollers have been used in myofascial release, and trigger point relief. They are designed for various areas of the body such as hips.
17. Exercise apps for iPhone, iPad and Android cell phones. Apps include Nike Training Club (free), Zombies, Run 5k Training (1.99) and Fitnet (free) among others.
18. Circuit training a group of exercises six to ten that are complete in a predetermined sequence.
19. Core training strengthens conditions and stabilizes all the muscles in the abdomen, back and thorax. Core training uses stabilizing devices like exercise balls and foam rollers.


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