Global Food Crisis and Obesity

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Global food crisis as ever happened in 2007-2008 has threatened the world. But obesity cases also rose sharply and has reached the point of emergency. What is the cause and what's the solution?

Global Food Crisis and Obesity

Global food crisis, as ever happened in 2007-2008, has threatened the world. Long dry season has caused drought everywhere even in some countries that have 4 seasons like the USA and Eastern Europe that should have been entering the fall season.
As we all know, the price of some staples such as soy and corn have experienced a surge high enough due to crop failure experienced by USA. While current wheat prices also threatened to increase due to the drought. The results of several state agricultural commodities also recorded a significant decline.
Even there is a rumour that some countries will limit their food commodities export to meet their domestic needs first. That is, in addition to food price rises, the quantity in the world market will experience shortages, not to mention the quality which is also likely to decline due to the drought.
In the middle of the issue, as a layman, perhaps we were a bit confused by the news from the survey notes of health world. According to the world health experts, obesity cases worldwide has reached the point of emergency, due to the sharp raising of the number of people who have obese problem.
How could in the midst of the food crisis of the world, when many people are at the risk of hunger, but obesity cases rose sharply? The most confusing, cases of obesity is not only faced by developed countries such as the USA and Europe, but even in poor countries ?! # @.
We don't need to be confused, the health experts have already know the cause. In this era of increasingly advanced, the food technology is also growing rapidly. However, as we understand that everything usually have positive and negative impacts. The negative impact of food technological development has become one of the trigger of obesity.
Technology of food in question is the discovery of fast food that we could found around the world and has a lot of fans. Not because it is the most delicious food, but fast food is the food that is most readily be found and affordable.
Fast food is also dubbed as junk food. And in accordance with its dubbed name, this food is evident only satisfy your tongue and glut hungry feeling but not provide benefits to the body other than a pile of garbage that become the culprit of obesity.
But junk food is not the only culprit of obesity. Modern human behaviors that are increasingly spoiled by technology helped worsen the human body condition that has been piling up garbage in their body. For example, many urban communities choose to use a car rather than by foot to reach a location which is not too far away. And many people choose to use the elevator or escalator instead of stairs just to go one or two floors in upstairs or downstairs of them. Even in some extreme cases in some countries where the value of the labor is cheap, there are a lot of middle to upper economy class people use a maid services to finish their housework even though they only lived alone in a small apartment.
What else can be blamed? Yeah, one more thing. The bustle of urban life make people do not have time to exercise. Their time had been packed with a variety of other activities that are considered to be more important for the economy and their future rather than just do an exercise. Whereas, exercise is very important to maintain a healthy body and a healthy body is the major capital of people to do their activity.
Rather than busy of blaming technology and junk food seller, we better fight obesity by starting from ourselves. For example, the technology was created to facilitate the work and the comfort of human life. However, because we do not have time to exercise regularly, it is not hurt us replace it by selecting stairs to go up and down instead of using elevators or escalators that we'd better give to the elderly or those who are carrying heavy luggage.
Likewise with junk food, maybe occasionally in emergencies such as on our trip out of town where it is difficult finding food vendors and we should also be efficient in spending money, then we are forgiven for eating junk food. However, in our daily activity, we better bring their own lunch from home, beside its more efficient, also more rich of nutrients.


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