Global Food Waste Edging Towards Fifty Percent

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This level of waste is a tragedy that cannot continue if we are to succeed in the challenge of sustainably meeting our future food demands. - Humanitarian News

The Worldwide Food Waste

"I try not to waste food. I always cook something with leftovers and I freeze things because I do not want to throw them away," by The Malaysian Insider. That statement seems like an exercise in futility, when one considers how much food that is wasted. Brad Plumer's report, states that between thirty and fifty percent of all the food that is produced on the planet is lost and wasted without ever reaching human stomachs. Without risking boredom, a couple of examples are listed below.

• ”A survey in India showed that at least 40% of all its fruit and vegetables is lost between grower and consumer due to lack of refrigerated transport, poor roads, inclement weather and corruption.”

• ”In mature, developed economies such as the UK and USA … entire crops, or portions of crops, can be rejected prior to harvest on the grounds of physical appearance. As a result of these factors, up to 30% of the UK vegetable crop is never harvested.”

• ”Many of the grain stores in the former Soviet Republics were engineered and constructed in the 1930s, and cold-storage warehouses and food processing facilities date back to the 1950s. As a result they are inefficient by modern engineering standards, and frequently both unsanitary and unsafe.”

After a few examples of this, it does not seem incongruous to think that the world really does squander up to half its food. And all of that refuse has major consequences. Not only is it a waste of energy, water, and land, but it is a tragedy given that some 870 million people suffer from chronic malnourishment. Conversely, this is a problem that can be resolved. For undeveloped countries, simply modernizing food-storage facilities reduce waste magnanimously in places like Pakistan or Ghana. Further, better harvesting technology and techniques could also ameliorate the situation. Meanwhile, wealthier regions like the United States and Europe will have to re-evaluate their food processes to curtail food waste. One minor adjustment, which Britain has been exploring as of late, is to reassess their use of food labels. Finally, this encourages supermarkets to toss out food prior to the expiration date.


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