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If you have someone do it for you later, they will usually do it to you now. What that means is, if you want something done properly, you cannot procrastinate, you must do it yourself efficiently and as soon as possible. This is the bulk of what the article and sections will be about, but the same thing will be mentioned in different ways throughout the article to get the message across.

Could you be a winner? Because efficiency and not procrastinating makes a winner anyway.

To begin with, I am not going to talk or write about being intemperate or in a rush. But, I am going to write about the reality of efficient action and direct action being the best way to go in life rather than "putting it off until later". The romance of reality is a quick dance of efficient action at its best rather than a slow poltical waltz of living in a fantasy world. In short, I am saying, take care of business or else you will not fulfill what you really want or need to do.

Achievement is being willing to do everything, including to temporarily fail many times until actual achievement is reached. Not achieving is to procrastinate and fear success. Real failure is genuine quitting time. Some of the best achievements come with the explicit experience of what not to do for certain goals, so that you can do the right thing on the next attempt and do better or even succeed!

Think deeply about this: Reinvention of yourself is the most powerful experience when combined with achieving your goals through willingness to temporarily fail and get consistent experience until you do fully succeed.

The best success is not through beginner's luck. It is through experienced and repeatable achievement through consistent persistence and gained or earned understanding. Acting in the efficient way in the now is the certain way of doing things that works, and combining that with persistence and experience makes for genuine achievement. Indeed, a real winner is not made overnight, but luck can happen anytime.

What do I mean "luck can happen anytime"?

Real winning comes down to mastering and exercise of productively used imagination and will in that order. Lucky winning, is just opportunity meeting successfully "bumped into" chance that happens to have a good outcome. What makes a gambling win not permanent or genuine is that it does not require skill, it just requires chance made good. They say repetition and experience are the parents of skill, well that is true as far as genuine success is concerned. Without those parents, and luck depended on, success is not repeatable unless experience is gained to duplicate the success.

So, luck can happen anytime, but it is not exactly repeatable, and it can be lost at any time. The real loss is dependence on luck as a "sure thing", the real gain is equivalent experience to really succeed through the sure thing of knowing what to do, why to genuinely do it, and how to really do it. Knowledge, combined with realistic experience and action is power! Everything else is luck.

Fortune is different, it is made by us, it does not happen to us.

When I say the word luck, I mean the purest of chance. But when I say the word fortune, it is genuinely preparation meeting opportunity. Think deeply about this difference for a few seconds and then come back to this article section on the next set of sentences or paragraph.

If you did what I wrote about above in the right way, you are on your way to your fortune, because you are beginning to understand what a fortune is, and not just a lucky lottery win. A fortune is Warren Buffet trading right, hard driving and working his accounts into a positive frenzy. A "lucky win" is the guy on the street getting all the numbers on the ticket right. That may sound overly simple and gross, but that is the reality of the situation no matter how it seems to slice up in the minds of the people through the news media and paid liars saying that it is up to each lucky win streak to genuinely get rich and happy. After all, happiness is doing what you want to do, and genuinely joyously surviving doing that. Anything else is sadness when really thought and pondered about, it does not matter how much money is made. Indeed, depending upon luck and purely luck without productive effort that is loved and desired genuinely lazily is a genuine tragedy. I quote Brook Benton's song "Rainy Night In Georgia" here: "It's life and you've got to play the game." and I paraphrase, it's life and you've got to play the game well in order to win no matter how we see things and we do not need the news media to tell us that fact. It is a fact born within us all really when we take that first gasping breath for air in life.

Now, I am not saying develop a "killer instinct without enjoying yourself" or anything like that. But, I am saying that you do need good, positive initiative to live a successful life on your own genuine terms for reality is what we make it when we do make it.

Fortune comes through thought, action and The Master Mind.

Anyone who really is a master mind does not look at "obvious luck". What is looked at is the overall genuine fortune or misfortune that realistic action brings, no matter what the immediate "obvious luck". With that statement, I begin this article section.

Looking at the obvious solely and only leads to disappointment, because if what is underneath the obvious is bad, even the obvious "good" really is bad. But, if what underpins the obvious is good, no matter what immediately happens in certain areas, everything is indeed good. For example, you make a thousand dollars and immediately after you make that thousand dollars, you lose ten or fifteen dollars of that thousand, and you end up with nine-hundred and eighty-five dollars or nine hundred and ninety. If you go by the obvious, you don't want to lose anything. But, if you look at the whole, you look at what you have gained.

So, let me give you an even wider picture of how the Master Mind works. The Master Mind is not just the deep part of the iceberg acknowledged, it is the whole iceberg, that which is above water, and the whole which is under water totally acknowledged as equal influences in the movement of the iceberg, and not just going by what is seen obviously. Reality is ruled by the master mind, not the average mind that just sees "the tip of the iceberg" in that vein and sense.

When genuinely considering the Master Mind and the average mind, some will get it, some will not. But, know this: Winners are created from those who see and acknowledge it all. Losers see and acknowledge the realities that are only obvious. To be fortunate is to genuinely understand, and not just depend on the "roll of the dice", luck, or "whatever happens". In short, the Master Mind knows that there is a total picture, subliminal and overt that must be worked with to make a real and genuine positive impact on any situation to create good fortune.

Everybody loves a winner, including the mirror.

When I look in the mirror everyday, I see the ultimate championship athlete. One who wakes up to life every day of the week, and invests everything that he can into it. The only real loss is any moment I feel sorry for myself for a minute because of a momentary failure that may have happened. But, I get over it quickly, because each moment I can do anything is a moment I can genuinely win. So, what do I mean by everybody loves a winner, including the mirror?

I mean, the real power of the mind is when you can rise above the apparent and see what is really there powerfully. Not perfectly, but powerfully.

You see, we all really win and lose alone beginning in our thoughts. The ultimate result of our thoughts is what is in the mirror we see ourselves in. I will leave it there, but take it where you want. See you in the next section of this article.

Reality has no equivalent.

If you visualize success before you actually do it and make it to success, you have risen above the apparent obstacles. Fear and courage are feelings sure, but, courage is creating certainty within yourself. It does not come from outside of you. The singer Janis Joplin used to call her alcohol bottle "liquid courage" which only proves that any "courage" that comes from outside of yourself will ultimately kill you, emasculate or weaken you in some way. Sure, I have nothing against things that aid genuine courage, but if you depend on something outside of yourself to give you courage, ask yourself this question: Where is the real foundation for that courage? What I mean by real foundation for courage is this: Is the courage from a real and conscious foundation from within that is really wanted or is it forced from foreign substances? Indeed, reality in this sense has no equivalent, and nothing can permanently take its place.

But, back solely to the vein this series of articles is in and why I am seemingly veering off into that area of thye subject. Reality has no equivalent when it comes to genuinely winning through ability instead of "depending" on something outside of yourself to "do it for you". When you really succeed, you must depend on yourself and what is within you. Sure, you can rationally have things that aid you. But they must genuinely be that. Things that work with you, and not for you. As I said in the last section: "I mean, the real power of the mind is when you can rise above the apparent and see what is really there powerfully." What I really meant by that statement is that real success and succeeding genuinely must come from within or not at all.


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