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We are tiny projections of God and not God himself.

God-Lings Or Godlets

The idea that we are all god lets, mini replications of God himself stood tested today after years of observation. After much observation, one comes to the conclusion that we all may have Godliness in us but that we are not the Higher Power. We are representatives of the Higher Power, ambassadors of the cause. There is ample evidence to prove this. Right here amongst us! The very fact that none of us human beings, flora or fauna individually are running the entire system, synchronizing and planning every detail of the activities this cosmos carries out, is a stark evidence that the control system has its levers in a higher intelligence. It would only be lame to believe that we Humans are the most intelligent species this cosmos has to settle with. Wisdom may be present in forms that we have not ourselves cognised.Also if we keep a systems view of the world, we find that the interchanging between stock & flow items is a dynamic equilibrium. Unfortunately, our senses can perceive limited phenomenon, which is the bandwidth in which they can operate. The vastness of experiences beyond life and death also are hardly sensed by our five senses. Guess imagination itself should be recognized as the 7th sense after intuition The enhanced perception that we will receive will open our world to higher order perceptions. The systems view will further open the shells of the dynamic equilibrium getting maintained by forces beyond the system. We all are participants to this process contributing in shaping the fabric but the power to reset lies beyond the regular day human intelligence
We at best are God-lets, having small godliness in us.


God, Godliness, Love

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st May 2013 (#)

Meaning thoughts, Abhishek. The spark of Creation is within us and we should look deep within to get more attuned to the eternal wisdom. But we get distracted by the sights and sounds of the outside - siva

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