Got the Autumn blues or have you taken a few knocks? Here are some tips to help you feel better

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Are you feeling down in the dumps? Here are some tips to improve your mood and outlook, at least for time it take to read this article

A few tips to start feeling better today

How are you today? Feeling good? If you're feeling less than your best and life is getting you down, here are some tips to motivate you to get back on the horse and live your life.

1) Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it day one. The past is called the past because it is: 'passed'.
2) It's okay if you're not where you want to be just yet. Just be glad you're not where you were!
3) If you're feeling down, it's likely you've lost sight of your dreams and goals. Ask yourself why you shouldn't enjoy your life for once. List those dreams again and keep the list visible. Make sure those talents don't go to waste!
4) Stop procrastinating and get purposeful about your goals. As the saying goes, 'don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today'.
5) We are designed to be active and to work. If you're not giving, it's unlikely you're getting
6)'Nothing ventured, nothing gained'. Get out there and try things rather than stagnating at home
7) Don't be surprised if things you try don't work out - it's a process of elimination. 'Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow til you find your dream' - tiring and at times demoralising, but better than doing nothing.
8) I read somewhere, time is going to pass anyway so you may as well be using it working towards your goals
9) Realise that a lot of people are going through what you are. Reach out to those in a similar situation, and ask for help if you need it
10) If you've been burned, refuse to believe everyone out there is untrustworthy. Find your niche again, and a new network of friends if necessary
11) Identify and elimate the energy - depleters from your life and be ruthless. If they're not supporting your dreams, they'll hire you to support theirs'! Spend less time with them if you can't stop seeing them altogether
12) Believe in yourself and nurture yourself - get on your own team: team you! Accept yourself just as you are, right now. You ARE good enough
13) Try and look your best, and really get dressed up more often - put your best foot forward as they say. There's no escaping the fact that today's world is appearance conscious - that's not to say you need to look stick thin or emaculate, but be honest about the areas you need to work on - denial is not just a river in Egypt! Make small changes: make sure your clothes are always fresh and stain free for instance
14) To continue the above, don't neglect personal grooming. For ladies painted nails, shaved legs and neat hair and eyebrows will help you feel that little bit more confident
15) Drink enough water and try and get your five - a - day. Many times depression begins in the mind, and can be tackled nutritionally
16) Read inspirational stories about those who have tried and failed; 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'.
17) 'It is never too late to be what you might have been', and 'victory belongs to the most persistent' are too great quotes to have somewhere where you can see them
18) Realise that you become what you focus on. Make sure what you're reading and watching on t.v will keep your outlook optimistic rather than bringing you down.
19) Try and keep order and cleanliness around you in your home environment
20) Listen to music. Not only will you be inspired by the experiences others have written about, but it will relax you, and if you sing along it will even boost your mood
21) Keep on top of your 'errands' to avoid unnecessary stress. You know, those things you know you need to do that keep hanging over - tax returns would be a good example
22) Slow down. If you need a day or two to regroup (and have this luxury) the world won't stop. Do what you need to do, for you - no one is indispensible.
23) Smile and laugh - don't get old before your time. Watch any comedy DVDs you may have collecting dust
24) Believe you still have a purpose for your life. If you're heart's still beating you have a mission to accomplish in the world that only you can do
25) See every evening as the beginning of your day, not the end. Relax your mind and body, and make an effort to eat earlier, in order to get good quality sleep. Setting alarms and timers will help you reset your clock.
26) Embrace your freedom and make the most of the resources you have at your fingertips. There are always lots of things going on, don't just stay at home
27) Vary your daily routine in whatever way possible - keep things fresh
28) Exercise where you can - a brisk walk, or a walk at all is better than nothing and will blow those cobwebs out of your mind, as well as boosting your endorphin levels. Exercise is really key in treating depression
29) Put your main goal first place. As the saying goes, 'you can do anything but you can't do everything'. If you're not achieving in the area of your dreams, maybe you are not prioritising them
30) Don't take other peoples' opinions of you as fact. Not everyone is going to like you, and you can't please everyone.
31) 'Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul'. There is really no getting away from this
32) Don't worry about what you feel you've lost, I like the saying 'don't stop and gather flowers where you are, for flowers will be growing all the way'
33) Realise you are going to need to impart a little discipline somewhere. As Katherine Hepburn said, 'without discipline there is no life at all'. I will add to that by saying, 'without money there is no (or little) life at all, so be disciplined in your outgoings too
34) Have something to look forward to - hope will keep you looking forward and not back, and pull you out of the deepest depression
35) If it gets to the point where you don't want to get out of bed, try lying there and being grateful for what you have. You'll soon find yourself wanting to get up
36) Stay positive in what you say and don't be tempted to wallow. It won't change a thing to complain, and 'worry is as effective as chewing bubblegum to solve an algebraic equation'
37) Stop thinking and take action. 'Fight fear with a plan'
38) Realise that life will have its ups and downs, but keep fighting - the next up won't be far away, and the only way is up once you hit rock bottom
39) Take responsibility for where you are - it's often a result of your own choices
40) Do everything in your power to improve your life, and make the most of that power - do not be a victim

And once you're up, to stay up, as we were always told in primary school: 'make good choices', or as I like to put it, 'use your head'. We all need more wisdom, and really do know the right thing to do if we think about it. Sometimes feeling down can be the result of bad choices, and only lots of good choices will get us back on track. Be patient, you'll get there!


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author avatar Connie McKinney
10th Oct 2013 (#)

Thanks for sharing this, Authenticme. What great advice.

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2nd Jan 2014 (#)

This is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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