Government Recommendations; Unrealistic?

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Have you ever taken the time to sit and think about this?

The Advice

We’ve all heard it on the news. You have to do this to stay alive, You have to do that to get fitter, but the thing is, do we have the time? I have thought about everything that the government, or other organisations say that we should do each day, and written an account of the day. Let’s see how many hours we have left at the end of it!

I am going to take an example of a nineteen year old woman who is doing a course at university. Of course, the same would apply to anyone with a job, or with children to take care of. Time is a huge issue for us all.

* You must get at least 8 hours sleep per night. This recommendation has been around for years now, with the recommendations for a child being even higher. If we did this every single night, we would only have sixteen hours of the day left.
* Relax for an hour before bedtime. This is supposed to help us sleep better, and allow the sleep that we do have to be of good quality. If we do this, we only have fifteen hours left of the day.
* Two hours of university, plus three hours independent working. This can apply to those in employment as well. The average person works for five hours per day, with some people actually working much more than this. If we use this as an average, there would be ten hours left of the day.
* Ten thousand steps per day. This is the number of steps that an individual is supposed to take per day to be of the correct recommended daily level of physical activity. If a normal person were to get to this level just by walking at a normal pace, it would take two hours of none stop walking. Taking this into account, there would be just eight hours of the day remaining.
* Always brush your teeth twice per day. Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth twice per day, taking fifteen minutes each time to brush and floss carefully. If we did this, there would only be seven and a half hours of the day remaining.
* Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is recommended that we build half an hour into our day in order to enjoy a healthy breakfast. This is so that our metabolism is kick-started for the day, and also so that we have the energy that we need to function until lunch time. With this taken into consideration, there would only be seven hours of the day remaining.
* Beauty Regimes. We hear so much about this. You have to cleanse your face twice per Day and you must moisturise your skin in order to keep it young and supple. In fact, if we did everything that beauty specialists tell us to do, men included, it would take two hours out of our day, meaning that there would only be five hours of the day remaining.
* Shower daily. This is a simple recommendation meant for personal hygiene reasons. Assuming our showers were short and we were able to dry ourselves quickly, we could break this process down to half an hour, leaving four and a half hours of the day remaining.
* Eat five portions of fruit and veg per day. With us having to do this, we could end up spending a lot of time preparing and cooking healthy meals, as often ready meals do not provide us with the nutrients that we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle
. If we did this, we could easily spend two and a half hours of the day cooking and eating our food, leaving us with just two hours remaining.

In the two hours not assigned to anything else (but I assure you, there are plenty of other time consuming things that the government say that we need to do) you would have to fit in time with your family, children, washing, cleaning, ironing, shopping and anything else that you needed to do.

It is unlikely that the government have thought any of this through when publishing all of their policies which are often time consuming, and many of them contradict each other. Take this into consideration when deciding which ones to follow, as you certainly won’t be able to follow all of them in the time that you have available to you.


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