Grounding your thoughts

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Grounding the thoughts is important since it helps release stress

Grounding your thoughts

Grounding of thoughts is very important part of the daily process. Grounding mean that we should be able to connect ourselves with the reality around us, instead of being lost in thoughts only. Grounding helps release the burden of thoughts and also helps clear the energy. When you connect to reality you are able to see the situation as it is ...rather than how your mid is making it look like. This takes away conditioning and helps you become a part of the system.

Being lost in thoughts is a tricky situation. One small dangerous thought can de-rail the whole mental peace and increase anxiety. Being connected to the body through the breath helps in purging all the unnecessary thoughts!

For grounding one should :

1. drink a lot of clear water.
2. focus on your breath and take few very deep breaths whenever you feel you've lost the ground.
3. you can meditate on basic chakra and energise it whenever needed.
4. do regular physical exercise.
5. you can also try gardening if possible or just sitting on ground in a lawn or park will also do. the basic idea is to be in direct contact with soil.....

apart from this, try to live daily life very mechanically.

Don't involve logics and emotions in it.
The most practical attitude to live daily life is to keep the thought line like this- "ok, so this is the situation. and these are the options available. and these are the probable consequences of each of the options. what do i choose now?"

this will help definitely in laying down the heavy burden of thoughts one carries!

hope you feel light too!!


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