Guérir toutes les maladies nigelle. Treat all diseases of pond pills

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The benefits of the blessing pill for skin, hair and health


Guérir toutes les maladies nigelle. Treat all diseases of pond pills

The benefits of the blessing pill for skin, hair and health

A grain of blessing or black bean is a miracle that can cure any disease. It is a well-known tradition of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that these seeds are a cure for any disease except death. Since then, this plant has been used and used by millions and millions of people to treat chronic and severe cases successfully. It is a treatment for many diseases including anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, immune system strengthening, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, liver and kidney disease prevention, stomach protection and antioxidant properties due to its miraculous healing power.

Pericardial acid contains salicylic acid, palmitic acid, fatty acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, proteins, vitamins (B1), (B2), (B3), calcium, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorus. Pomegranate got the highest ranking among herbal medicines for containing most therapeutic and aesthetic properties.

1 - lightening the skin color:
Regular use of pomegranate oil helps to lighten the skin color. It can open the skin without melanin production, which in turn protects the skin from sun damage. In addition, the properties are moisturizing, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory help in regenerating the skin and make it glowing and healthy. You can take this oil by mouth or massage directly on the skin to restore its natural and vital health.

2 - Treatment of skin diseases:
We can treat eczema with pomegranate oil. The properties of the emollients present in this oil form a non-greasy layer to protect the skin. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation, redness and other eczema symptoms. Apply pomegranate oil directly to the affected skin twice a day for a few days to treat eczema.

3 - Treatment of psoriasis:
Psoriasis is a skin disease that comes with itching and pain, and sometimes it is a source of embarrassment. The cause of this condition is an abnormal immune system reaction in the body causing an abnormal spread of the skin layers. Pomegranate oil regulates immune cells in the body and enhances the body's ability to deal with the proliferation of abnormal cells. Apply the seeds of the pond to the skin to get rid of pain and spots on the skin.

4 - treatment of fungal infections:
In addition to killing the bacteria that causes acne, perennial oil fights fungi. Its anti-fungal effects have been shown on the skin and cause diseases such as inflammation and itching in the skin.

5- Treatment of acne:
Acne is caused by many factors that usually affect teenagers but can last until puberty. It can lead to distorted scars. There are many factors that contribute to the disease including hormones and infections. Borage oil has many properties that can reduce the symptoms of acne including its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. This oil can help repair and regenerate damaged skin which is anti-histamine for the treatment of allergic skin diseases.

6 - treatment of hair pounding:
To treat hair shampooing, mix a little pudding oil with a little olive oil and a little almond oil with rubbing on your scalp, on the tips of your hair and cover your hair with an hour towel. Repeat this exercise twice a week.

7- Hair growth:
To grow the hair rapidly, using the oil of the blessing. It contains many vitamins that promote hair growth and stretching. Just pour some of the pomegranate oil on your hand and mix it evenly on your hair and leave it for 3 hours and then rinse thoroughly.
Repeat this exercise twice a week.

8- Treatment of hair loss:
Pomegranate oil helps to reduce hair loss. As it contains strong antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that help strengthen hair follicles, which reduces hair loss. In addition, the anti-fungus in this oil prevents infections that cause hair loss, and it has the quality of moisturizing that protects hair from damage, and accelerate hair growth and promote health. Mix in equal amounts of pomegranate oil and olive oil. Heat the mixture at room temperature and gently rub it on the scalp. Leave this oil on your hair for 30 minutes, then rinse it with shampoo. Repeat this process a few times a week to fight hair loss.

9 - Elimination of baldness:
Hair loss can be either due to age or some other basic conditions. Baldness is a condition feared by everyone, especially young people. Poppy oil plays an important role in the treatment of baldness and also helps in getting rid of damaged hair. Pour a handful of the seeds of the pond, mix with calonge oil and two tablespoons of vinegar. Spread the mixture over the bald areas with gently rubbing. Leave it for one hour and then rinse with fresh water. Use this process once a week for one month. It will gradually help you in hair transplantation.

10 - lowers high blood pressure:
The seeds of the pond help to deal with high blood pressure. Daily use of the pond bean for two months has the effect of lowering high blood pressure. In addition, seeds of the grain help to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol levels and promote heart health in general. To regulate the level of high blood pressure, eat 100-200 mg of PEP twice a day. When used regularly you will notice the difference.

11. Control Type 2 Diabetes:
The seeds of the pond control sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes. The daily dose of 2 g of seeds is a good way to manage blood sugar levels. Regular use of the seeds of the pond can help reduce blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, as well as increase the function of pancreatic cells. These seeds are useful in the prevention of diabetes as well.

12. Promotes liver health:
Pomegranate oil enhances the health of the liver to make it work properly and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Pomegranate oil helps protect against liver disease, reduces complications and delays progression. Add the seeds of the pond in your diet on a regular basis. To improve liver function and prevent both damage and disease.

13. Strengthening memory:
Pomegranate gives a strong boost to brain health. Due to their containment of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties to protect nerve cells, also seeds of parenchyma improve memory. Take half a teaspoon of seeds twice a day or take supplements to improve brain health and strengthen memory.

14. Asthma Treatment:
Pomegranate oil has a relatively strong anti-asthma effect in the bronchi, to contain an anti-asthma property and helps to alleviate its symptoms and promotes recovery. Pancreatic oil also helps reduce bronchitis and prevents excess mucus secretion.
This oil is an effective treatment for sore throat, acute sinusitis and tonsillitis.
Add a few drops of borage oil in a bowl of hot water. Cover your head with a towel and vacuum the steam for 5 minutes. Also, put a few drops of pungent oil on a napkin and inhale the scent from time to time.

15. Reduces the risk of cancer:
Pomegranate is effective in reducing the risk of several types of cancer, such as breast and brain cancer, mouth, cervical cancer and colon cancer. Pomegranate seeds have the ability to treat inflammatory disorders and cancer, they contain a component that eliminates free radicals and helps to cause cell death in breast cancer cells, brain tumor cells, pancreatic cancer and cervical cancer. Barley oil sometimes works as a means to provide natural protection against certain risks and use it in conjunction with conventional treatments.

16. Treatment of diarrhea:
Pomegranate is good for treating stomach problems such as diarrhea, gas, colic and constipation.
Mix a teaspoon of powdered saliva into a cup of plain yogurt. Drink it twice a day until your condition improves.

17 - Organization of digestion:
Pomegranate seeds are repellent to the wind, they help in digestion and reduce gas, bloating and stomach pain. Borage oil is often used to get rid of intestinal parasites. It has also been shown to inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells without any negative side effects.

Pomegranate seeds have a protective effect on the heart, promote cholesterol levels and help regulate blood pressure.

19. Strengthening immunity:
Pomegranate is a method of supporting the immune system, to contain antioxidants, beneficial acids and vitamins (B), but beware of those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. Pomegranate seeds achieve the balance associated with a system of increased immune function but not promote immune reactions against healthy body tissues.

Treatment of colds:
Mix a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of borage oil and eat it twice a day. For best results, use raw honey. This process will cure you from annoying colds.

21 - get rid of kidney stones:
Mix a tablespoon of the pond with honey and warm water and drink twice a day. You can also mix half a cup of olive oil with a tablespoon of pomegranate oil and raw honey and drink this mixture on an empty stomach before going to bed.

Treatment of dry mouth:
The treatment of mouth dryness with pomegranate oil is very effective and you will get the result in a short time. Bake a little oil of the blessing around the mouth for a minute and gargle it. Do not rinse the mouth with water for 30 minutes.

23. Reducing epilepsy:
Pomegranate has anti-convulsive properties. It is effective in reducing the frequency of seizures in children with epilepsy. Eat twice a day a handful of seeds of the pond or mix them in a glass of yogurt.

24- Treatment of bee watches:
When a bee bites, especially on your face, will cause swelling and pain, you will also stay in the house for three days until the effects of this bite disappear so that the embarrassment does not cause you. Pomegranate is a remedy for this problem, all you have to do is boil a little seed of pint in the water and let it cool until then put it on the stings. Repeat this process more than once a day.

25 - get rid of headaches and migraines:
Mix the honey and honey with equal proportions. Take this mixture twice a day. For a quick result place a few drops on the nose and rub it on the temples.

habat al Baraka

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "With this black grain, there is a cure for all sickness except poison." - The poison: death (narrated by al-Bukhaari and Muslim).
The black grain contains phosphates, iron, phosphorus and carbohydrates, as well as the destructive antibiotics of all types of bacteria. The study also found anti-cancer carotene with sex hormones that are potent, fertilized, active, diuretic and yellow, and contain digestive enzymes that are antacid and have a soothing and alert substance.
It has been discovered recently that the black bean activates the immune system in the body of resistance to pathogens and eliminate them and also protects against diseases.

Benefits of the Pill in the treatment of diseases:

1) To remove the nervous tension: a teaspoon of borage oil with a cup of coffee completely calms the nerves and removes tension.

2) For coughs and asthma: Pour the pomegranate oil on the chest and back and drink a teaspoon three times a day, and two tablespoons of pond oil in hot water and inhalation of steam.

3) to remove laziness and laziness: a teaspoon of oil of the pond with orange juice in the morning and for ten days (and you will see the difference)

4) To activate the memory and speed of perception: a teaspoon of the oil of the pond with mint boiled for ten days.

5) For diabetes: cup of black bean, cup of love Rashad, half cup soft pomegranate peel, half a cup, grind the mixture until it is powder and take the patient half a spoon a day for about a month and drink a teaspoon of oil of the blessing on the blessing.

6) for kidney and bladder stones: one quarter kilo of black bean, one quarter kilo of pure honey, grind the black bean well and then knead the honey and mix two tablespoons of this mixture in half a cup of hot water and drink this mixture on the saliva daily with a teaspoon of oil.

7) To remove the purity and beauty of the face: Mix a teaspoon of oil of the blessing with a spoon of olive oil and paint the face and leave it for an hour and then wash with soap and water and you will see the difference clearly.

8) For whom vomiting and nausea: a teaspoon of ground cloves and then a tablespoon of borage oil with boiling mint 3 times a day.

9) Psoriasis and others: The amount of cup of black seed oil and the amount of a cup of lemon juice is diluted well and used paint for three days and if need more than that repeat work.

10) for inflammation between the thighs: Wash the area with soap and water well and then dry well and oil the grain of the pond area inflamed evening and leave it for the morning for (3) days and you will see the result on the first day, God willing.

11) for cases of inflammation of the heart and narrow veins: Drink the oil of the blessing of the pond constantly with any hot drink, it dissolves fat and expansion of veins and arteries.

12) for cases of vitiligo and leprosy: Place the vitiligo vitiligo with apple cider vinegar and then place the vitiligo place with the oil of the pond for 15 days.

13) To remove the warts: Wipe the okra well with the foot and then paint the oil of the blessing and continue for 15 days with a teaspoon 3 times a day.

14) Back pain and rheumatism of all kinds: Warm up a bit of oil of the grain of the pond simple gas and then rub the place of rheumatism very heavy as if you massage the bone not skin and drink a teaspoon of oil of the blessing three times a day and God will find healing within two weeks.

15) to remove the headache: Paint the oil of the blessing on the forehead and sides of the face next to the ears and the headache will disappear completely with a teaspoon of oil of the blessing on the stomach for three days.

16) for acidity and all stomach pains: a glass of milk + a teaspoon of the oil of the pond and within five days end all stomach problems completely (three times a day)


Le Messager de la paix d'Allah soit sur lui «ce haricot noir où le remède pour toutes les maladies sauf poison» - poison: la mort (Rapporté par al-Bukhari et Muslim).
Nigella contient, le haricot noir de phosphate et de fer et de phosphore et des hydrates de carbone, comme contenant des antibiotiques destructeurs pour tous les types de germes. On trouve également un matériau analysé anti-cancer caroténoïde et par les hormones sexuelles et enrichi de vitamines et stimulant et diurétique et la bile, il contient des enzymes peptique et anti-acidité et ses propriétés sédatives et stimulant ensemble.
Il a récemment découvert que le haricot noir activer le système immunitaire du corps pour résister à des agents pathogènes et le tuer, et protège également contre les maladies.

Avantages de cumin dans le traitement des maladies:

1) pour éliminer la tension nerveuse: une cuillère à café de l'huile de cumin avec une tasse de café calme les nerfs et élimine complètement la tension.

2) les cas de toux et l'asthme: Rub cumin huile sur la poitrine et le dos trois fois le montant d'une cuillère à café par jour et boire, et deux cuillères à soupe d'huile dans la piscine d'eau chaude et inhaler la vapeur.

3) pour enlever l'inactivité et la paresse: une cuillère à café d'huile de cumin avec du jus d'orange le matin pendant dix jours (et vous verrez la différence (

4) pour activer la mémoire et la vitesse de la cognition: une cuillère à café de l'huile de cumin à la menthe fait bouillir pendant dix jours.

5) Diabète: tasse de haricots noirs, tasse amour Rashad, peau demi-tasse de grenade douce, une demi-tasse une fois, mélanger mouture jusqu'à ce qu'il devienne poudre et prend la demi-cuillère à café de patients par jour pendant près d'un mois et boire une cuillère à café d'huile de cumin sur un estomac vide.

6) pour les calculs rénaux et de la vessie: un quart de kilo de haricots noirs, un quart de Kilwa de miel pur, broyer haricots noirs bien ensuite malaxé avec du miel et mélanger deux cuillères à soupe de ce mélange en une demi-tasse d'eau chaude et boire ce mélange sur un estomac vide tous les jours avec une cuillère à café de l'huile de cumin.

7) pour l'évacuation et la sérénité et la beauté du visage: Mélanger une cuillère à café d'huile de cumin avec une cuillère d'huile d'olive et oins-le visage et laisser reposer pendant une heure, puis laver avec du savon et de l'eau et vous verrez clairement la différence.

8) La personne qui vomit et des nausées: une cuillère à café de clou de girofle moulu et une cuillère à café d'huile de cumin à la menthe bouillie 3 fois par jour.

9) le psoriasis et d'autres: le montant pris une tasse d'huile de graine noire et la quantité d'une tasse de jus de citron et diluer la peinture bien utilisé pendant trois jours et si je besoin de plus que de répéter le travail.

10) infections entre les cuisses: Laver la zone avec du savon et de puits d'eau, puis Nschwh bien et oindre soir région Nigella huile enflammée et laissez le matin pendant une période de 3 jours et vous verrez le résultat dans le premier jour, si Dieu le veut.

11) cas d'inflammation du cœur et des veines étroites: l'huile de nigelle potable en continu avec une boisson chaude, ils fondent la graisse et l'expansion des veines et des artères.

12) cas de lèpre et Vitiligo: Vitiligo vinaigre lieu oint de cidre de pomme, puis peinte lieu huile Vitiligo nigelle pour (15) jours.

13) pour enlever les verrues: verrue bien essuyer scanne Balrgelh puis peint à l'huile, le cumin et dure quinze jours à boire une cuillère à café 3 fois par jour.

14) les maux de dos et types Alrmatesm: la quantité d'huile est chauffée étang de grain est doucement simple, puis massé sa place sévère Dlka rhumatismes si vous frotter la peau et l'os ne boit pas une cuillère à café d'huile de cumin trois fois par jour, et si Dieu le veut, vous trouverez la guérison dans les deux semaines.

15) pour éliminer le mal de tête: Frottez avec de l'huile de nigelle sur l'avant et sur les côtés du visage près des oreilles et des maux de tête va complètement disparaître avec boire une cuillère à café d'huile de cumin sur un estomac vide pendant trois jours.

16) Tous les cas de douleurs à l'acidité et de l'estomac: une tasse de lait + petite cuillère à café d'huile de cumin et dans les cinq jours, se terminant tous les problèmes d'estomac complètement (trois fois par jour

1. éclaircir la couleur de la peau:
L'utilisation régulière de Nigella huile aide à éclaircir la couleur de lamélange deux fois par jour. Pour obtenir un résultat rapide Placez quelques gouttes sur le nez et frotté sur les tempes.


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