Gum disease can be a real problem today.

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A page about gum disease, and how best to fight it and keep it away.

Gum disease

It is pretty common for a dentists to clean away the plaque and tartar that is built up around one's gum line, during a visit to the dentist. And if a dentist is to find any signals of gingivitis, then he will be wanting his patient to return, for more cleanings in the near future. He will also usually recommend to his patient to use mouth washes and toothpastes which are FDA-approved in fighting Gingivitis. Not just Gingivitis but gum disease on the whole is a real problem for people today, it is the number one reason for people loosing there teeth, so it is important to know how to stop it.

How to fight gum disease.

Although it is important to brush at least two to three times a day, everyday, it is also important to floss. If you do floss each and everyday, it will get rid of plaque from parts of the mouth, that a toothbrush just can't get to. Flossing is easy, and is something all of us should be doing in our daily routines, it can be done in the evenings whilst watching television, so there is no excuses, we should be getting it done.
There are lots of other things that you can do, to prevent gum disease. Such as not smoking as tobacco is a leading cause for gum disease, but also going easy on sweeties and foods which contain a lot of sugar will also help massively. Not drinking to many fizzy drinks is also a great way of keeping gum disease away, the acid in these types of drinks is really not good for one's gums, and drinking water is much better for the gums as well as the body.


Things can get trapped in your gums that you can not even see, and it is only flossing which can reach and clean this invisible danger. Also mouthwashes have come a awfully long way in the last few years, and the decent one's on offer, can now cover and protect your mouth, making dental health must easier to achieve, than it was in the past. I have personally found Listerine to be a wonderful product, which really does protect and clean your mouth, but if you are planning on buying a cheap mouthwash, I would have to say don't bother. Your teeth are massively important, and the biggest danger they can face is gum disease, but between brushing, flossing and using good mouthwash, we can keep that gum disease at bay. And remember a good diet with plenty of vitamins and calcium, will also help.

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