Hair loss: it can react!

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Hair less dense and difficult to style printing thin out ... Androgenic alopecia affects more and more women. Fortunately, you can activate the regrowth and slow the fall.

Hair loss: it can react!

Instead of a temporary fall, called effluvium, androgenic fall (or androgenetic) is a persistent fall, For men, we know, but 15-20% of women, or more depending on the study. It is progressive and sustainable if we do not stop. It is located on specific areas of the skull (top of the head, the front or sides). Hair fall because their life cycle becomes shorter, while those who are pushing for more. This therefore results in a more or less intense refinement of the hair.

The fall called androgenetic most often occurs after menopause, because the hormonal climate has changed estrogens are declining while androgens (male hormones) remain stable. The equilibrium is disturbed, promoting hair loss. "We also believe that hormonal treatments (some pills, IUD impregnated) can influence, like stress or dietary changes, including greater consumption of high glycemic index, which act on the hormonal system," says Dr. Sylvie Garnier Lyonnet, dermatologist.
Consult a dermatologist

Women midlife are more likely to see most often after menopause. This suggests that this type of fall is increasing. "However, it is increasingly common to see this type of fall also in young women, from the period after puberty," says dermatologist. But "there is also a genetic predisposition. Therefore it concerns women whose scalp excessive sensitivity to androgens (male hormones). Lifestyle is also critical, because we now know that the external environment may act by deregulating certain genes, "says Dr Garnier Lyonnet.

Consult a dermatologist quickly. By asking questions and examining the hair, the specialist will rule out other causes of falls (illness, medication, fall traction, etc ...) and prescribe appropriate treatment.

"You have to react quickly, within three months of the ideal, because if you can limit the evolution of the fall, however once the hair has fallen out, it is much more difficult to recover the density we has lost, "says dermatologist. So, the more quickly and begin treatment hair will be preserved.

The standard treatment is Minoxidil, as for men, more low dose. But to be complete "treatment based on three targets, says the dermatologist. It must first prevent further androgen field. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be implemented in collaboration with the gynecologist, except against-indications. Then you have to stimulate the regrowth with the application morning and evening lotion Minoxidil 2%, which will act as a booster. Finally, to improve the field, taking daily supplements provide the essential elements for a good training of new hair.

"You should know from the start that this treatment will last very long. The evolution can be volatile, with periods of worsening and lull the fall. After two to three years, we can take a break and see how changing the hair, "says Sylvie Garnier Lyonnet.
Good habits

Eat a balanced diet, as deficiency or deficiencies in vitamins, minerals etc ... are harmful to the health of hair. And then quit. Studies have proven that smoking had a deleterious effect on the hair follicles, which "produce" hair. Psychological stress could also have a negative role. Because it causes the release of androgens, hormones destructive hair. And also induces early catagen phase (degradation of the hair before his fall) and inflammation of the hair follicle. The sunlight also has a negative effect, because the UVB and UVA induce apoptosis, that is to say cell death. More rays have a direct effect on hair raising their scales.

Do not be afraid to wash and comb her hair ... even if hair fall. But we must take care of her hair gently and suitable products. So very sweet and friendly shampoo the scalp, a conditioner to more easily sort out the lengths. Avoid anything that can attack the hair and scalp: brushings and repeated smoothing, hair dryer too hot styling products with alcohol etc ...

Shorten when they fall. A short cut or a square jaw in better camouflage the lack of volume and density than long hair. In this way, the fall is less dramatic and therefore less traumatic. Avoid, for example, parted in the middle revealing the bald head, comb the hair back or sides with a bar if necessary. If the hair is colored, it must choose the technique of staining less aggressive as possible (with less oxidizing agents) as a tone on tone or a vegetable coloring.
Nourish hair

- With sulfur-containing amino acids, such as cystine, arginine and glutamine, which are components of the hair. They reinforce and enhance their growth.

- The vitamin B6, important because it participates in the metabolism of keratin and potentiates the anti-androgen zinc.

- Zinc, as it is necessary for the formation of the hair follicle. It intervenes in fact in the formation of the keratin, in collagen synthesis and cell division. It is important to hormone level, as it has an anti-androgenic and anti-oxidant action. A diet rich in oysters, seafood, wheat germ, lean beef, veal liver, sesame, cocoa powder improves its contribution.

- From iron. Iron deficiency refines the hair and makes them more rare because it participates in the nutrition and oxygenation of the reproductive cells of the hair. The dermatologist can check by a simple blood test, if there is no shortage.


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