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With this article you will learn what are the most effective products that help us strengthen the hair and keep it thick and beautiful :)

Top foods for hair loss

Daily stress impairs not only health but also our appearance . Hair plays a pivotal aesthetic role for all of us and therefore hair loss or damaged hair particularly worried both men and women.

It is believed that normally a person loses 50 to 100 hairs every day and it does not affect the vision of our scalp . Hair loss can talk when fallen hairs are significantly more and drop out without much effort.

Many people at some time in their lives complained of hair loss , slender and weak hair , and some naturally have thin hair.

So, what are the most effective products that help us strengthen the hair and keep it thick and beautiful :

Seafood , especially salmon, tuna and shrimp are at the top of the list of foods that affect hair growth. Zinc rich seafood helps extend and strengthen the hair and follicles , which in turn leads to hair growth.

Spinach , broccoli , brussels sprouts , sorrel and other green vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins A and C , which our body needs to produce sebum. This is the " fat" ingredient that our body produces . It provides health and protection of the hair and its natural conditioner . This group of vegetables also provide iron and calcium.

Beans, lentils , green beans and other legumes are also an important part of the diet for hair loss . They provide the protein, iron , zinc, biotin - all of which are ingredients which improve the condition of the hair .

Among the most faithful friends of our hair are nuts , dairy products and poultry.
High quality protein gives hair strength and durability .

Eggs are also an excellent source of protein , but also contain significant amounts of biotin, which is very important for our beautiful hairstyle.

Snack and plenty of whole grains because they are an excellent source of zinc, iron and B vitamins.


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