Hansen’s disease: Cause, symptoms and treatment.

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Hansen’s disease, most commonly known as leprosy is a disease common to us, even written in the bible (one of the oldest disease of mankind).

Hansen’s disease: Cause, symptoms and treatment.

Hansen’s disease: Cause, symptoms and treatment.

Hansen’s disease, most commonly known as leprosy is a disease common to us, even written in the bible (one of the oldest disease of mankind). It is considered as contagious disease but it is treatable with early diagnosis. It is the least contagious of all the communicable disease. It is not highly transmittable and not disabling with early and proper medications. This was name after Gerhard Armauer Henrik Hansen in 1873.

Statistically about 5 out of 100 persons only are possible to have this. 95% of the population of this worldwide is immune to leprosy. It is said to be one of the mysterious disease of all because medically test is not proven any cause of how and where we get it. Mycrobacterium leprae is the bacterium that causes leprosy. The bacteria affect the nerves, skin, lymph nodes, nose, eyes, hands, and some internal organs. There are lots of classifications of leprosy related cases but it is divided in two major cases:

Mild form cases – person infected can get skin rashes, weakness of muscles, eye dryness, numbness of the hands and feet, loss of fingers and toes.

Severe cases- person infected can still get same as with the mild leprosy but can have thinning of eyebrows and eyelashes, interior nasal problem, kidney and liver complications, amputations of body parts, infertility and blindness.

Leprosy is not easily determined especially that it will be fully generated with 3-5 years after the contact. Skin lesions and redness are common symptoms that we can consider just to be allergies. Person in the household with leprosy is advisable to take annual examinations and test.

Persons with leprosy can feel muscle imbalance and numbness. The bacteria destroy the nerves of the body. Hands and the feet are the common area that is affected and is not advisable to get any cuts or burns; it can lead to infection and permanent damage. They might be getting Foot-drop syndrome. Infections with the disease are the leading cause of death.

WHO-MDT (Multiple Drug Therapy), a combination of rifampicin (600mg/month), clofazimine (300mg/month) and dapsone (100mg/day), is the treatment for leprosy patients. The length of time for the medications depends on the seriousness of the case. 1 year treatment is common to mild leprosy. There can be additional days added if there’s any reaction on the drugs for another months or year. Check with your National Health Authorities and Sanitarium for the drugs.

The best way to prevent the disease is early treatment and diagnoses. World Health Organization (WHO) establishes and gives medications all over the world primarily in East Asia and Africa. They are disseminating information about the disease and conducts research for it. They are the one who gives the drug MDT worldwide and can’t be seen over-the-counter.


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San po ba pwedeng magpagamot ang may hansen's disease? kasi as i have researched for symptoms and signs of hansen's disease, it matched as what i have observed from my father. ano bang una naming gagawin? you can reach me over 09103660280 or francisralf_llemit@yahoo.com

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