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There are so many things that chase our focus that we often forget how important the little things that make life worth living really are. With just a slight shift in our way of thinking, happiness really can be within reach.

Make the Choice!

If happiness were a choice it would be easy. So one would think, however more and more people are drowning in this material obsessed world, swimming in pools of misery and pity that they themselves create.

If happiness were a choice, you would choose it. Not necessarily so. Each and every day people make the choice to be miserable. ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ used to mean having a better car or home. These days it seems to mean whoever can offer up the most drama and dysfunction wins that battle.

If happiness were a choice then everyone would be happy. Again, if being miserable wins you more attention, why wouldn’t you want to be miserable. Mom and Dad are more prone to giving the more in need you are. The kids are more prone to helping the madder you get. Good manners and compassion are overlooked for drama and rudeness.

Each and every minute of each and every day our brains compute millions of bits of information. Our human hard drive works to filter out that which we choose to ignore and brings forth those bits that we have made a conscious decision to focus on. Because there is not enough time in the day for us to lend our focus to every little bit, we instruct our brains as to what we want to pay attention to. To put it simply, our processor then begins to put together a version of our thoughts to playback to us, usually in a loop-like fashion.

External circumstances are something we have no control over. The actions of others, the weather, war, natural disasters and the like have starring roles in the films our brain produces for us. An important fact to note is that the screen time they receive is in direct proportion to the focus we give them.

Compassion is a wonderful trait that is exclusive to our species. For some, who are sensitive to the energy of others, it is a trait that can cause real problems. If you are one who wears the negative energy of others as though it is your own, happiness may well elude you as you swim through this world that is filled to the brim with heartache and despair.

By making a conscious choice to focus on the many wonderful blessings that make your life worth living, you can actually offset the impact of this negative energy.

Gratitude is an amazing tool that plays a role in just about every self-help book on the market today, and for good reason. By making the choice to take a few moments each day to give thanks, you began to rewrite your screenplay. Slowly but surely you will start to see just how easy it can be to shift your focus.

Suddenly, a beautiful sunset catches your eye, filling you with a sense of the divine, rather than filling you with resentment that there is not enough daylight to finish the task at hand.

Suddenly, you appreciate your time with family, enjoying the fellowship and love, rather than cursing the demands they may occasionally place on your time.

It is such an easy decision to make, such a simple act to perform, and the rewards are huge!

Feel the weight of your answer as you ponder this question;

Can you find happiness outside yourself?

Really think about this for a moment. Did the big, beautiful house make you happy? Did the candy apple red sports car make your heart sing with joy? Answer with your heart. Feel how empty these material items can make you.

Happiness is a choice you make. Each and every morning, it is you who decides your mood. It is you who decides whether or not you are going to let something ruin your good mood. It is you who decides where your focus will go. If you have nasty thoughts racing through your mind every second of every day, it is you who allows it to happen.

Happiness is a choice that takes work, and only you can do the work.

Happiness is a choice that takes effort that can only be supplied by you.

Happiness is a commitment and when you do stumble it is only you who can recommit.

If you make happiness your goal, each and every day, then your movie will be rewritten. It is the inevitable consequence of putting your focus on happiness.

Happiness is a choice; don’t be afraid to make it.


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author avatar Synthaea
6th Aug 2010 (#)

So bloody true. Well written.

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author avatar maftab92
6th Aug 2010 (#)

Good content.

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author avatar smoothoperator
7th Aug 2010 (#)

Very well written article and a must read for everyone. Would have the punch if you KISS (keep it simple and short).

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author avatar MaryAnneSimpson
8th Aug 2010 (#)

so true

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author avatar nilesh bhimaji pawar
19th Aug 2010 (#)

very good

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author avatar SuzAlicie
27th Nov 2010 (#)

Great insight! Happiness is one of those things I believe has to begin inside myself. What I feel is what I share so to spread happiness to others I have to be happy and content with myself.

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author avatar Denise O
27th Nov 2010 (#)

Every thing begins and ends with you, yourself.
Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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