Have lice use listerine.

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Cant get ride of lice or scared that commercial products may be harmful?

A niffy trick that works well.

Back when I was a kid my little sister had lice regularly we did everything from use commercial pesticide products to shaving her bald. We bagged up all the items in the house and sealed them away to kill the lice off cleaned her hair with all manor of items and chemicals to the point that the department of child services told my mother that if she used any more pesticides on my sister they would take her from our family.

My mother couldn’t think of what to do the lice would be gone after every treatment my sister got but as soon as she went to a friends or to school she would catch them again like some sort of lice magnet. It happened so often her grades in school were slipping because of none attendance. Then my mother remember when she was a teenager seeing on the back of her father bottle of Listerine that the product said it killed all manner of parasites including lice.

So she bought a bottle but it said nothing to the effect of its killing power only that it helped freshen breath. But my mother was sure that it had said this so the got a bottle of plain Listerine a yellowish liquid that just cracking the seal made the house smell to high havens. She got the plain because it didn’t have added sugar like the mint ones and she worried they might make her hair sticky. She used the bottle once the whole gallon bottle like shampoo rinsed my sisters hair several time and used it again , 3 times per litter bottle, till it was gone. She then dried my sisters hair . And sent her to bed the next morning she meticulously searched for the offensive little bugs. To her shock there were none they were all gone in one treatment of the stuff.

My sister went back to school and to her friends and for months she never got lice but when they re emerged due to some kid in her class getting them from his friend my sister picked them back up and my mother cleaned her hair again with the Listerine and gone again for months, every time my sister would get it she would stamp them out with plain Listerine so much so that other parent and even the school took her advice. And soon the Bain of lice vanished from the school and my sister has been lice free ever since. So as a tip that wont harm your child try using plain Listerine to get ride of lice I bet it will work.


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27th Feb 2012 (#)

Yes! After several bouts of lice I have found two things that work: the mayo treatment (which was an absolute nightmare - still can't eat the stuff) and listerine. Though what we did was saturate hair and scalp then cover with a shower cap for two hours.

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