Having a down day? Here are some tips I've written for my new niece or nephew, to improve your outlook

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Here are some tips for my new niece or nephew, which are some general nuggets of wisdom to brighten your day and help you face the future

Some advice for my new niece or nephew

I've decided to dedicate this article to my new niece or nephew - I'm becoming an aunty for the second time. Hoorah! Ohh, I love babies - they smell sooo nice!

So, little one, here are some words for you. I look forward to meeting you, and first of all need to say I am really not fussed whether you are a boy or a girl. Good, now that's out of the way, here are some thoughts.

1) Okay, so you're coming into a world that's more than a little messed up, but don't let that put you off. You are unique, individual and special and have something great to offer the world, and the people you meet along the way.

2) I've just realised you won't be old enough to read for a while, but I'll go on anyway. Enjoy your childhood. Be in no rush to grow up, or to be trendy - enjoy wearing clothes that don't match!

3) Enjoy everything that's free - the things you can see in nature, smells (the nice ones), music - if you can't hear any, make your own!

4) Laugh as much as you can. Life is funny, people are funny and if you can't find anything to laugh at, pull a face in the mirror, or blow a raspberry into your hand. See, funny isn't it? Laughing is like a vitamin pill for your body.

5) Watch musicals. Everyone will tell you they're cheesy, but they're good clean fun. There's a lot on tv that will scare you so steer clear of that. Anything with Doris Day in it is a winner, or you could try one of my favourites Mary Poppins (just be warned Burt's accent is NOT cockney!)

6) Be optimistic about everything. This lady I read about who survived the Holocaust, Alice Sommer Herz, says 'I choose to be optimistic'. Apparently it sends signals to your body to live longer - she would know, she's nearly 100!

7) On a similar note, a holocaust survivor I once met told me, 'You are free''. Embrace your freedom, the world is your oyster. You'll think for a while the world ends at the bottom of your street, but ohhh there are so many wonderful places to see!!

8) Be thankful for everything, even the small things, every day. There is always someone worse off than you.

9) Sometimes life will be great, other times it will be rubbish, but you are strong enough to face it. Also if you're feeling glum look for who you can help, there is always someone needing a hand.

10) An old classic but 'Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise' The key to being productive, I find, is going to bed early. To have a better quality of life the next day, get into bed early. You'll develop that routine young (though you won't need to go to bed at 6 forever!) Seriously, keep a routine, it's the way forward

That's all for now, look forward to meeting you honey!

Now if you've read this, read it back for yourself as a grown up


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