Headache relief techniques from a fellow sufferer

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These tried and tested techniques of the writer for headache relief, are ones that have been tested by him, and used safely by him, for many years. They are offered here for you to try for your own possible use.

They have eased my own pain when nothing else would.

A layman's guide to headache relief: preamble

I have suffered from headaches from just about as long as I can remember. It started when I was three years old, and continues until now more than fifty years later.

Over the years, I have tried many and varied techniques to try and find some relief from the pain.

Here are some of the methods used. These are not medically proven techniques, but they have worked for me.

The pain of most headaches I feel can be relieved if some of your tension is released. This can be physical tension, or sometimes mental stress related pressures that exist in your life.

The Techniques explained

Some of these techniques might surprise you, especially my first one.

# Technique 1

I will start to cry. I have found that this simple relaxation and stress releasing technique does indeed help.

# Technique 2

This one is also simple to do.

Using the finger nails on my fingers, I will dig them mildly into my scalp, moving them over mainly the top of my head, or where I am feeling the pain the most. Invariably, I will come across a certain spot, a sharp spot that seems to connect right through to my headache. I will work more on that spot, by holding the pressure, deeper and more constantly there. It is exquisite in its relief.

# Technique 3

I have found that applying finger and thumb pressure around the eye socket helps me. I will squeeze my eyebrows all along their length on the side of my headache, as normally one eye is more affected than the other is. I squeeze using my thumbs against my fingers.

Just above the nose on the underside over the eyebrows, I will apply upwards thumb pressure. If you do this in this area, you will also come across a trigger spot that will seem to be directly connected to the pain too. This one hurts a bit as you squeeze, but it's a good type of hurting.

Tension headaches are often triggered by neck and shoulder pain

Sometimes I will wake up with severe neck, and shoulder pain, as well as a terrible headache. I am sure the position that we sleep in plays a part of the cause here.

Here are several things that I will do to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

# Technique 1

I will grab some weights in each hand, and do some shoulder shrugs.

In this simple exercise, all that you do is to try to lift the weights, that are held in each hand, with arms held at your sides, by using only the muscles of your shoulders. You try to lift your shoulders upwards in a crunching movement so that they nearly touch your ears when you do so.

Moving the sore parts around, bringing in fresh blood, and warming the part, whilst also stretching it, helps me enormously.

# Technique 2

Secondly, I will stretch my neck and shoulder areas in this way.

Head movements. Move your head backwards and forwards, and from side to side, also try to move your head sideways downwards by tilting it towards your shoulder.

I will use my hand here to assist and extend the stretch. I push against my head to try to extend the movement a little, and I to move my head a little further around that it can go unaided. This is a positively assisted movement.

You can also use your hand to try to push against your head to try to hold it in position. You then try to push your head against your hand. This is a negatively resisted assisted movement.

These extended or assisted stretches are remarkably effective at relieving the tightness in my muscles.

Concluding remarks

The best way to avoid the pain of a headache is of course to try to prevent it from occurring in the beginning.

Keep as fit and as flexible as possible. Maintain a fitness regime, which includes stretching.

Finally try this stretching squat movement.

You squat whilst gripping your upper legs just above the knees. Grab your left leg with your left hand, your right leg with your right hand. As you go down, hold the bent arm position at the elbows so that it stretches by extension your whole shoulder and neck area. Done properly you will feel an intense squeezing pressure as this area stretches from doing this movement.

Experiment with various hand adjustments to try to achieve the best response for yourself. Do thirty or forty squats each night before sleeping. It has been said that by exercising the large leg muscles like this, it will also relax your whole body, and assist you in achieving a restful night's sleep.


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author avatar Kingwell
24th Dec 2013 (#)

Thanks for a good share.

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author avatar spirited
24th Dec 2013 (#)

That's ok thanks Kingwell.

I also take the pain killer medications too of course, and try hot and cold compresses. These are just a few of my own fixes.

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author avatar Helen Thomas
24th Dec 2013 (#)

Thanks for sharing those great tips ~ Spirited.

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author avatar spirited
24th Dec 2013 (#)

Thanks Helen, they work for me

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
25th Dec 2013 (#)

Nice post and by the way my friend have yourself a very Merry Christmas for you and your family!

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author avatar spirited
25th Dec 2013 (#)

Thanks Fern and I hope your New Year is a good one too.

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