Heal Acne with Safe and Natural Way

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Acne is common problem of youths. It is very easy and safe to control it with some herbs.

Say good bye acne

At the stage of puberty acne is problem of youths, both boys and girls. People today want pleasant and presentable outer physique. Pleasant outer physique brings confidence. Confidence is pre-condition to improve lives.
From where acne came
Breakout of sebum is main cause of acne. It blocks our hair follicles. In this process pool of bacteria and microscopic germs are developed in sebum. Resultant skin is irritated and skin inflammation takes place, thus the acne breakout.
How to cure acne
Many expensive cream, face wash and lotion available in market which claims to make your face fare and smear free. Base of all these are chemicals, these may be harmful for your skin. So throw out all these. Natural and safe way is available to remove acne and get fair and shining skin.

Yours eating habits are responsible for acne problem. So first watch, what you are eating.
Sebum is essential for making skin healthy and glowing but overproduction of sebum is not good for your skin. To control overproduction of sebum you should be change yours eating habits. Avoid junk and oily food. Eat green vegetables and fruit is place of junk food. Vegetables and fruits contain vitamin A, B and E, which are essential to have healthy skin.
Before staring any treatment it is better to consult with dermatologist to decide nature of your skin. Remember skin of everyone is not same.
Useful plant in curing acne
Aloe Vera
You may be knows Aloe Vera products and there heal acne properties. Before using Aloe Vera products you should be assured about its quality. It is better to grow Aloe Vera. It is very easy to grow it. You can used it is face pack and also eat it. It you eat it regularly, it will regulate hormones which are responsible for you acne. Aloe Vera is also helpful in removing scares marks of acne.
Tea tree
It is another plant, without any side effects, to heal acne. Oil of tea tree plant is able to kill bacteria living in your skin. Surroundings are polluted so after every wash your skin acquired bacteria for air. Apply tea tree oil at least twice or thrice time a day.


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