Health Benefits Of Walking

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Health benefits of walking are many. Walking is a low impact form of exercise. It does not need any equipment and it is cost free. Make walking a part of your everyday routine to lead a healthy life.

Health Benefits of Walking Everyday

Walking helps you to burn calories and control your body weight. It also helps to tone the muscles of your leg, hips, buttocks and builds overall strength and endurance of your body.

When you walk, your body is exposed to sunlight. When your body is exposed to sunlight it can process vitamin D that is very important for the well-being of your body.

Walking makes your heart strong and prevents heart diseases and stroke. Regular walking also helps people who are recovering from heart attacks and bypass surgery by reducing their risk of getting a second attack.

Walking lowers the levels of bad cholesterol and increases the levels of good cholesterol.

Walking lowers blood pressure by helping the heart to function better and by improving blood circulation in the body. It also helps to keep blood pressure in check.

Walking helps to boost brain activity. People who walk six miles or more in a week can avoid shrinking of brain that leads to dementia.

Walking stimulates and strengthens the bones. It also increases the density of the bones and prevents the onset of osteoporosis.

Walking makes you feel good. When you walk or do any form of exercises your body releases endorphins that are feel good hormones into the blood stream thereby reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

Walking helps to control Type 2 Diabetes by preventing the increase in blood sugar. It has been found that walking after eating lowers glucose levels in healthy people and diabetes patients (source -

Walking helps you to get a good night’s sleep.

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author avatar WOGIAM
16th Apr 2014 (#)

This is a brilliant article, walking is the only exercise I do and it really benefits me health wise. I think people need to do this more.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
17th Apr 2014 (#)

Very healthy indeed!

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author avatar vellur
17th Apr 2014 (#)

WOGIAM thank you and yes walking really benefits.

Fern Mc Costigan thank you.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
17th Apr 2014 (#)

You make the act of walking very appealing indeed vellur
Many blessings
Stella ><

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author avatar vellur
17th Apr 2014 (#)

Stella Mitchell thank you.

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author avatar Pace21
21st Apr 2014 (#)

I just started walking again with my wife. We definitely benefit from it.

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author avatar vellur
22nd Apr 2014 (#)

Pace21 great that you have started walking,it has many benefits.

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