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This article is about the different aspects of health.


This article is about 2 things that are very similar. They are health and wellness. Health is your current state of well being. Wellness is how your health is over a long period of time. There are 4 main aspects of health, and other aspects. Here are the 6 aspects of health, with the main 4 first.

Physical- Physical refers to hygiene, eating habits, sleep, eating habits, disease prevention, and physical activity.
Social- Social refers to creating and keeping relationships with family and friends.
Mental- Mental refers to obtaining and keeping knowledge, thinking about issues, making decisions, and finding and solving problems.
Emotional- Emotional refers to your self esteem, feelings, and how you look at yourself.
Spiritual- Spiritual refers to having a set of beliefs/values that give your life a purpose or meaning.
Environmental- Environmental refers to protecting yourself from your environment as well as leaving a minimal negative change on your environment.
Your health and wellness is largely dependant on your lifestyle or how we live. This is affected by risk factors which affect they chances of health issues. There are controllable risk factors which we can change (drugs, eating, exercising) as well as uncontrollable risk factors that we have no control over (age, gender, heredity). Things to avoid with this will be drug abuse, not getting enough physical activity, risky activities, and poor eating habits to list a few.

Here is how to make decisions properly (this is just an example while many methods work, but they will likely be similar to this). First identify what the situation is (what shoes do I want to wear today). Then list some possible options (flip flops, sneakers, or go barefoot). Next list pros and cons for each one (flip flops are bad for running but let your feet breath, sneakers are good for running but aren’t good for feet breathing, and going barefoot isn’t allowed in some areas, but is good for your feet). Then chose one based on the pros and cons (I chose barefoot because I am just going to go for a walk and then take a nap). After that, reflect on how your decision went (I stepped on a nail and now I am mad at myself).

Finally I will cover peer pressure. This isn’t always a good or bad thing. A peer is anybody who affects your life, but mostly your friends and family. Some good examples are inspiring you to write a book or run a marathon. Some bad examples are getting you in jail for drugs. Peers tend to become more and more important as you get older. You will also need to know when to use refusal skills to prevent doing something bad from peer pressure. You can just listen to see if you instinctively feel that it is wrong. Then you can say “no”, blame somebody else make excuses, or seek adult help to avoid getting sucked in.

I hope that this article has helped you understand these subjects better.


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