Health Risks and Dangers of Bikram Yoga

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Are you aware of potential risks and health dangers of Bikram Yoga? Hot Yoga is worth the money but it may be bad for your skin. Read for more details.

Dangers of Bikram Yoga

It’s great to be educated about Bikram yoga, but its not rational thinking either, to say something "can" be bad, and to stop it all together, abandon and go a different route. The part about the lie, I don't understand I have never seen yoga advertised as mere fitness regime of acrobatics and such, like described. Seems to me, the only people that are thinking that way based on this article quotes are from yoga fanatic sources like books, magazines and groups. It’s so easy for someone too heavily involved in a culture to think that everyone is thinking negatively and no on your path and not understanding why you find it such a great culture.

It would be rational if you were an addict and giving direct harm to yourself due to an action. Logical person would see potential harm and put control into it. Cut down; go out less, different ways of partying. Control the issue, not let it control them. Example: Do you eat alot of hot and spicy food, sit on a toilet and shit all night, sweating in pain, no sleep, in pain and go, no more spicy food ever again? No you go, ok next time I won’t eat as much, or maybe drink some water to help the digestion. Another example: After a girl has sex for 10 hours until she can’t walk, and the next day is limping, does she go? Ok never having a game up again? No, she goes ok ill stretch before and after and perhaps make sure the day after isn’t a busy one.

Our body is not something to be tinkered with so willingly with such little understanding of it. Bikram Yoga is becoming -nay, already is, very popular. Due to this ever increasing rise in popularity, a lot of people are looking to make money off it. There are many teachers out there who probably have no idea the origins of yoga, what its sole purpose is for and probably have very little training. Great example - hot yoga, your body is enduring high temperatures as a means for you to "sweat" more, so you lose more fat. Well, I hate to break it to all those hot yoga fans out there but yoga's purpose is not to "lose fat". if you end up losing fat in the process of doing yoga, (as long as it was done in a healthy way), then more power to you - but the reason i posted this is because people are willing to blindly submit themselves to something without even knowing reasons behind why it was created in the first place and the effects of doing such a practice would have on the mind, body and soul. Yet over the centuries it's evolved - into something better? Perhaps, but perhaps not! The question is, how many people who sign up for yoga classes even research it to find out the answer to that question for themselves. Even better, how many people are even asking these questions in the first place? Ignorance is bliss...but at what cost?

Bikram yoga health benefits risks:

Its true yoga in its essence is a powerful subjective awakening tool. But it’s true like anything in our society once our western capitalist hands get all over them they will make it in to anything worth attributing a price too... and sadly at the cost of the potentially misinformed, like I said yoga it self is not the problem, but the attributes in which it is being accessed and objectified maybe.

I would LOVE to start practicing yoga, and will some day, but the point most people are missing is that it's not just some walk-through-the-park work-out routine for the sake of working out and being healthy "physically". The problem is the yoga sessions out there that have been contorted and twisted to be nothing but a focus on the physical side. Our bodies are a meridian of energy points, like a well constructed system off wires and connectors all throughout. Well what happens if you overload one of the circuits? The light bulb burns out. This effect could be little, but could also be grand, and could be a physically effect, yet could be mental or spiritual as well. Traditional teachings KNOW what steps to take as to not harm you, yet many of these teachings have been twisted around for the purpose of what - personal gain/greed? Corruption of what could be a part of true spirituality? Or because a more advanced way of doing it had been discovered through centuries of practice? Probably not the latter, because any techniques I’ve seen of new age yoga look FAR from advanced in a number of ways.

Is Bikram yoga good for you?
I have no personal issues with Bikram yoga, I did it for 8months with a real instructor and it was awesome, But hot yoga due to its nature isn’t just about stretching and feeling good because in the end when certain mediation points are reached they can be awe inspiring and uplifting leading the users to sometimes extreme internal subjective experiences and without proper knowledge of these (which is extremely hard due to lack of science in the field of altered states of consciousness) some people with weak minds/nervous systems may be inline for opening them selves up to a bout of new experiences which when not filed accordingly to reality may lead the users to a host of physiological tension and personality issues. But like anything proper knowledge of the self and environment and in this case information is a well needed recipe for success.


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16th Nov 2013 (#)

Interesting thoughts - one needs to know the limits in all forms of exercises even in running and walking - siva

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