Health Tips: Advantages of Drinking Beer

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Most of us love to drink a glass of chilled beer now and then, and are always looking for a reason, Right? I have some excellent news for all the beer lovers. Read on to learn the health benefits of drinking beer. You will be amazed to know that beer can provide the same health benefits as a glass of wine a day.

Do not indulge in binge drinking, drink sensibly

But remember “Everything in excess is bad”, drinking lots of Beer is risky as it causes number of health problems. Therefore do not indulge in binge drinking, simply consume beer in moderation, it is actually a great healthy drink .

To enjoy the benefits of beer drink it sensibly and moderately at all times.Here are the various reasons for drinking Beer.

Reduces Stress

Beer helps to lift your spirits, changes your mood while giving you a nice little buzz. It is considered as a great stress reducer,refreshes you instantly with its great taste and relaxes you

Protects from Heart Diseases

Drinking beer moderately helps to lower the chances of strokes, heart and vascular diseases to a great extent. The Vitamin B6 in beer helps in preventing the build-up of amino acid known as homocysteine. Higher levels of homocysteine make you more susceptible to vascular and heart diseases.

Beer also thins the blood immensely and increases the circulation in the brain which protects from strokes, caused due to blood clots. Therefore drinking beer helps to fight against heart diseases tremendously

Control Diabetes

Moderate consumption of beer can easily help out in keeping your diabetes under control as the vitamin B6 aids to maintain correct blood sugar levels significantly. Beer helps to keep insulin levels in control.

Reduces Hypertension and Cholesterol

One glass of beer each day improves your arterial elasticity and helps to reduce hypertension. Moderate consumption of beer also increases your good cholesterol level, keeps a guard on your cholesterol by reducing the chances of blood clots.

Cures Insomnia

Beer acts as a natural sedative and is regarded as a very effective treatment for insomnia as it has a tendency to make one drowsy it helps a great deal making you fall asleep. A great cure for insomnia indeed. The nicotinic and lactoflavin present in beer mainly help to promote sleep.

Protects against kidney stones

Beer consumption also protects against kidney stones and gallstones. Drinking beer helps in preventing calcium deposits in the kidneys. When calcium deposits get mixed with salts and other minerals they usually turn into kidney stones.
Drinking beer protects from calcium deposits and help to fight against gallstones and kidney stones immensely

Other Benefits of Beer

Beer a natural Conditioner for Hair
If you want extra soft hair with added body then try it with beer. Beer provides good nutritional value to your hair. Make a shampoo with beer just by mixing an egg to half a can of beer. Use this mix to massage your hair and then rinse thoroughly as usual. Beer acts as an excellent conditioner for your hair so use it once a month to give your hair the beer nutrition and make them soft and bouncy with the help of your favorite health drink.

Beer adds great nutritional value to your plants!
The next time you have a party do not throw the left over half filled beer bottles in the sink but go and pour it on your plants. Your houseplants and garden will love your beer act and will be nourished fully when the yeast adds to the soil. Beer helps you to get a blooming garden too.

Remember too much beer can make you fat and cause other various health problems. It is an excellent source of calories. Therefore take care and do not drink 2 - 3 bottles of beer a day as you will end up increasing your weight drastically and will damage your health badly.

To enjoy the health benefits of beer I strongly recommend that beer should be consumed responsibly! Cheers


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author avatar Jerry Walch
28th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Ruby. My wife certainly could benefit from drinking a glass of beer in the evening. She has diabetes, heart disease (she just had a quadruple bypass last year), hypertension, high cholesterol, kidney stones, etc. She has more problems then Carter had "Little Liver Pills," if you are old enough to remember them. The problem is that she can't drink beer. She gets drunk on one or two sips of beer.

I enjoy a couple of Long Necks in the evening to unwind after a long day in the office:-))

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author avatar Denise O
28th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Ruby, what a well written and informative article.
Thank you for sharing. :)
Jerry, I am so sorry to hear about your wife and her health issues. She's in my prayers.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
28th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Denise. A thank you coming from both of us.

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author avatar EmPeE
3rd Nov 2010 (#)

Thanks Denise for this very nice and informative article. I also drink beer and I know now how will it benefits me.

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author avatar Vish
24th Apr 2011 (#)

Jerry .. Hope Your wife feels good and May she progress in a better way.. Give her love from all of us..Drink Beer be happy and let others be happy. Cheers

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author avatar Sunkanmi olaore
19th May 2011 (#)

beer provide good health to the body.but always remeber responsible human being drink in moderation.

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author avatar Nageshwaran
16th Aug 2011 (#)

even i'm a beer lover !!!! thanks for sharing such a vital information :-) but, i've a doubt which beer is good strong or premium lager beers ???

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author avatar Kunal
13th Sep 2011 (#)

nice written my frnd . Heads of to u yr

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author avatar Kunal
13th Sep 2011 (#)

nice written it is very much trueee

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author avatar Hari
29th Oct 2011 (#)

its nice......but cn i know disadvantages

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author avatar Rag
17th Nov 2011 (#)

It's really true !!!!

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author avatar Rag
17th Nov 2011 (#)

It's really true & thanks for sharing this information !!!

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author avatar Sanjay pandit
27th Nov 2011 (#)

will there be any problem if i drink 2 bottle beer at a time every week

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author avatar Krish
16th Feb 2012 (#)

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Beers while taking it twice in a month?

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author avatar Uday shankar
12th Sep 2012 (#)

It is really true.

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author avatar Swaroop nayak
27th Jul 2013 (#)

if i drink a bottel of beer a day then what is the advantages & dis-advantages for my health?
And can it causes of cancer or any health problem by drinking only a bottel of beer every day

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author avatar Ranjan bisoi
4th Apr 2014 (#)

thanks,thanks and thanks now i can argu with my brother why i should take beer. i will suggest my father to have beer who is realy an antialcholic
and thank y

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author avatar Ranjan bisoi
4th Apr 2014 (#)

thank you ruby

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author avatar Mayank
8th Jul 2014 (#)

Kya beer se mote ho sakte h..

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