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When a person is suffering from either a decrease in the frequency to relieve him of the bowels or experience difficulties in the passing of stools because they are hard or small, he/she is said to be suffering from a condition named constipation. It is becoming more and more common as the numbers suffering from it are said to be growing all over the world.

Causes and symptoms

The cause is traced to diet as much of the food is refined resulting in a decrease in the quantum of residue available for the formation of the stool. Psychology also plays a role in that people often brood over in an anxious manner if and when their bowel movements are not according to what they think is adequate. Some also ignore when there is an urge and also not creating healthy habits in observing a routine to such day to day tasks in life.
Nonetheless, one cannot always rule out the possibility of a physical obstruction in the passage of stool, which could be seen in the elderly and debilitated persons. In the same way small children could suffer from a condition called ' Hirchsprung disease' which is a defect that takes place in their large bowel preventing it from moving the stool contents. If this type of a condition is detected in them, it needs to be rectified through surgery. Another medical condition more common in adults is the prevalence of hypothyroidism. The low thyroid activity in this case could cause constipation. Constipation could also be a consequence of taking drugs, especially the narcotic based ones. It may also be a prelude to cancer.
Symptoms could be identified in your feeling of a bloat in the stomach accompanied by severe abdominal pain, alternating between not able to pass any stool and diarrhea, pencil like stools, blood in the stool and or rectal pain. There could be unexplained weight loses also and the efficiency of laxatives which you were finding effective is no longer so.


Your doctor may prescribe some tests as blood (CBC, PT, or PTT), & stool tests, colonoscopy, barium enema and or even x-rays of the abdomen before deciding the course of treatment. Unless or otherwise your doctor finds underlying medical causes that requires treatment, constipation in itself does not demand any particular kind of medication. It is rather stopping of some medicines as laxatives that would contribute to the restoration of normal bowel movements. Dietary changes, an active life style and forming of regular routines would all go in putting you back to normalcy.


It may be remembered that constipation is not a disease in itself. Its conditions are traced to more social and economic phenomena in that even culture could play a role in its being found in the people. Not complicating oneself with imaginary thoughts and following simple rules would in a majority of the cases be enough to handle it.


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27th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice informative article.

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27th Nov 2013 (#)

Most people are aware that you can use an enema to help with constipation but obviously you can’t do this every time. Another approach is to use a Hand Bidet Sprayer. Primarily used for cleaning up after pooping it can also be used to shoot a quick shot of water up the pipes. This helps get things looser and moving; fast, conveniently and without discomfort. It also works great the same way on the opposite problem of diarrhea. See

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28th Nov 2013 (#)

Thanks David for this additional useful information.

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Interesting post!

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Thanks again Fern

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