Health benefits of using Aspirin daily

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In modern medical practice, use of aspirin is considered to be fundamental in managing patients with heart diseases and strokes along with the ones who have a higher risk of the same. Understanding its health benefits will be useful to motivate and increase compliance among its users and for the others with increased risk to seek possibility of its use under the guidance of a health care professional.

What is ‘aspirin’?

Aspirin is also known as ‘Acetylsalicylic acid’ and belongs to the group ‘salicylate’. It gives several beneficial effects which include relieving minor aches and pains, reducing the intensity of a fever and reducing the clot formation in the blood.

Although aspirin gives off such benefits, it is vital to know that it can give rise to potentially harmful side effects in the long run which may include severe intestinal bleeding and discomforting gastric ulcers. Thus, daily use of aspirin should not be self initiated but ideally started off after discussing the pros and the cons with a health care professional.

What are the long-term benefits of aspirin?

According to researchers, when aspirin is used daily, it has shown to be effective in improving mortality rates among patients who are having a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes. Thus, in modern medical practice, it is evidently seen that low dose aspirin therapy takes center stage in managing such patients giving them significant benefits.

But, it should be remembered that, the risk reduction in relation to first and the second heart attacks, first stroke and other heart diseases would differ depending on the age and the sex, although the risk of aspirin related side effects are almost universal in all ages and in both sexes.

How does daily aspirin use reduce heart attacks and stroke?

Among its effects, the action over formation of blood clots will be the mainstay in improving the risk for heart attacks and strokes. Aspirin seems to interfere with the functioning of platelets and will prevent them from accumulating in sites where bleeding can take place.

Most often, in people with high risk of strokes and heart attacks, a dislodging or a bursting atherosclerotic plaque and a subsequent clot formation will be the driving force behind a blockage and therefore an ischemic event. Thus, when aspirin is used, the clot formation will be prevented and therefore the circulation will be maintained to vital tissues such as heart muscles and brain.

What are the indications to start using aspirin daily?

The indications that will be used by health professionals in initiating daily aspirin therapy will include, past history of heart attacks or strokes, tobacco smoking, high cholesterol levels in the blood, family history of heart attacks and strokes, having diabetes, high blood pressure, being sedentary, taking too much alcohol…etc. At the same time, doctors will also be mindful regarding the age and the possible presence of gastric ulcer disease before prescribing aspirin for daily use.

What you should know while using aspirin?

As it can give rise to gastrointestinal bleeding, abdominal pain, black colored stools, blood vomiting…etc these need to be taken seriously while before progressing further. Similarly, presence of an itch, appearance of hives and breathing difficulties may be danger signs of allergic reactions to aspirin and would also require immediate medical treatment.



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29th Apr 2015 (#)

Useful share, normally we take only during headache, fever etc. Hope we will not become immune to the benefits when we take Aspirin daily - siva

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