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Turning away the causes of disease requires some thought of the dangers to which children are exposed in their usual upbringing. For instance, sitting on the damp ground, cold stones, or even a cool window, these are a fruitful cause of bowel trouble. The remedy for such an exposure is a proper warm fomentation of the chilled parts and should be followed by the rubbing of hot olive oil and careful clothing.

Tips for the health of little children

Children’s dangers: One of the dangers for children is a rich diet especially for delicate children; this is a great cause of the trouble. Another one is through careless attendants. When children are left to fall or capsize (overturn accidentally) in their carriage. The cause of this fall often leads to spinal injury, and in any case of broken or disjointed limbs, the bandaging of infants should be of a gentle kind, and encasement in plaster jackets should be avoided. The natural growth and circulation should help in every way, and not hindered by strapping and tight bandaging. Also, the consulting of a really good doctor early in time will often prevent a serious trouble in any case.

Children with fever: Children with fever, either in any fever such as typhoid, scarlet, etc. or maybe merely heated from some minor ailment, should be treated as under fever. Take two small towels, squeeze tightly out of cold water, and fold one gently around the head. Press it gently all round over the head, it will be heated in one minute in some cases but might take longer in others. After you’re done with one side, you should change to the other side, and proceed alternatively until the head is cooled. Possibly that might take half an hour. But the time will be less for a young infant than a boy or girl in their teens.
The head is the chief consideration in this kind of treatment, but attention to the state of the stomach and bowels is also very important. Any indigestible substance must be removed, and a nip or drinking of a small amount of hot water will greatly help, as well as proper medicine. If there is coldness in the feet in such a case, a fomentation may be applied over the legs. This will greatly reward the cooling of the head, and prevent any possible shivering.

Children healthy growth: The growth of children depends largely on the organic nerve centers. Lack of power there causes even deformity itself. The treatment, however, should be such as to restore their energy to the centers and increase it. You should not force the child to stand or walk when exhausted. If the child uniformly refuses the attitudes, have patience till he gathers power.
The nerves are in some cases irritable and great restlessness and involuntary movement, accompanied even with the twisting of the neck, shows itself. Damp clothes will yield to skillful cooling of the spinal nerves.

Blindness, deafness, loss of speech: All the loss of function may follow a vehement shock to a child’s mind or body system. And care must be taken to avert it. The moment a mother see that the child is affected by any strange sight or sound, she should have the child to be removed or put the affecting object away or she should have someone who can soothe the child and calm its mind. But, if the cause still comes on, a treatment will be very helpful to cure the ill. If convulsion comes on, the child should be lay flat on his back, with the head slightly raised, and place a wood or iron between his teeth, and tighten it so as to prevent the possibility of its being swallowed, loosen all his clothes, until the convulsion is over. The mother should continue to soothe the child, even in the worst times of trial, and bring before the mind of the child some cheerful tales, ease all fears, and console all sorrows.

Children clothing: Children clothing should be soft, warm, and light in weight, covering all parts of the body with equal warmth. Tight bands and long heavy cloths should never be used. With infants, as with older children, it is a mistake to heap on too much clothing. Many children by such indulging which is intended to prevent them from catching a cold are rendered delicate and susceptible to shudder. Just enough clothing should be worn to keep the little one comfortably warm and no more. And the same also applies to their bedclothes; they should be light and not excessive, but just only to make them comfortable. All that a child requires, so far as clothing is regarded, in the first month of its existence, is a simple covering for the trunk and extremities of the body, it should be made of a material soft and agreeable to the skin, which can retain, in an equable degree, the temperature. The benefit of such a dress is that the child will be free and excited, and the mother will escape the screaming of the child who mostly follows the dressing and undressing of almost every child.

Children swellings: This occurs on certain occasions as merely relaxed tissue full of blood. In that case, everything about the part seems right and healthy except the swelling. The skin is alright and the temperature also. The treatment to restores the nerve energy will usually cure in such case. In other cases, the tumor will be full of liquid waste or there may be a simple dropsical (a swollen with an excessive accumulation of fluid) swelling owing to failure in kidney action. This second case is usually easy to cure. It ought to be tapped as this draws of the strength desired. A simple four-ply bandage of new flannel worn around the body will often be enough to cure infants of even dropsical tumors. Wherever the swelling may be, increase the vital force that supplies the gland, and so will all be cured at its source.


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