Health tips for pregnant women

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Adoption of a simple and natural diet, healthy exercise combined with sufficient rest and rational clothing have been found to ensure an easy delivery as well as good health for mother and child.

Tips for women during pregnancy

The diet of the pregnant mother is of great importance. Too much food is worse than useless. Food should only be taken of such a kind and quality as can be easily assimilated. The mother is best who takes only so much light food as she can easily convert into good blood.
The diet during pregnancy should be mainly vegetables, fruits, salad, rice, tapioca, milk, eggs in moderation, and a small amount of wholemeal bread. A little meat or fish once a day is allowable for those whom it suits but rich, spicy dishes, pastry, strong tea, coffee and all alcoholic drinks are very injurious. Three meals a day with no “snacks” of any kind in between are sufficient; for those who have reason to fear a labor, oatmeal should be best avoided. To avoid fluids while eating is important, especially for those who have a weak digestion. One may drink half-an-hour before meals or three hours after, but if plenty of fruit and salad is eaten and little salt used with the food, there will be little thirst. Too much fluid should not be drunk, if thirst is felt, water can be sipped but very slowly to quench the thirst.
During pregnancy there is usually a craving for acid fruits, this is nature’s call for what is needful at such a time. Fruits and vegetables will supply a large quantity of most valuable salts which go to make good blood and build up all parts of the body. A pregnant woman should never force the appetite; food that is neither savor nor digested will do more harm than good. And also it must never be forgotten that the blood of the child is being directly derived from that of the mother, consequently, if the diet is of such a nature as to induce over-abundance of fat, the child will be born too fat. This does not mean the child is healthy by a means, and it may mean considerable extra pain for the mother. While a mother who is inclined to slimness should not fear whether this diet will reduce her. The taking of cream, eggs, bacon and other fat foods often has the opposite effect from that which is desired. A slim person adopting the above diet will generally get into good condition.
Under the issue of exercise, the one which is first recommended is housework, provided that the windows are kept open, avoiding the more hard parts, and always being careful not to get over-fatigued. Light gardening walks, if not too long, and light gymnastic exercises are all beneficial.
The issue of dress should also be studied. The clothing which is light warm, porous, and which in no way obstruct or restrict the movement and natural functions of the body, should be worn. It has been found that those who wear no corset nor tight band or bodice (part of a dress above the waist) will suffer but little, if at all, from morning sickness. Corsets, by holding firm the waist muscles, prevent they're getting strong, anyone who is accustomed to corsets, when she leaves them off for a day will complain of “such a tired feeling, as if she would break in two.” This is easily accounted for, the muscles unused to the task of holding up the body, are flabby and useless. This same muscles when called on, at the moment of delivery, are totally unfit for their work, hence comes a large amount of the unnecessary suffering. The remedy is, discard the corsets, bear with the tiredness for a week or two and practice regularly the recommended exercises above, especially the waist exercises of bending and turning. The muscles will soon gain strength, and the corset is found to be quite unnecessary and most uncomfortable.


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