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If you love your food and cant really face dieting, following some of these tips may help you on your way to losing weight. Doing it step by step is easier to stick to.

healthy eating tips

First of all don't stress, i have managed to lose a bit of weight in the past and ive honestly lost more weight at the times i wasn't actively aware of what i was eating, not depriving myself definitely works for me. Once i tell myself something is bad and i cant eat it my brain just turns into a evil monster and decides that food ive just banned is all it wants to eat and nothing else will do.

Before starting on any diet i think its important to do it slowly, so start changing things bit by bit and it wont seem all so drastic.

You could buy smaller plates and bowls so you don't have too big a portion.

Only make enough food for that one meal, or if you don't over eat or binge eat you could make a big pot and freeze some, this tip definitely isn't for me, ive tried this but end up getting it back out and eating it.

If you can afford it just buy the food you need daily, this can be expensive though.

try eating what you like but choosing lower fat alternatives like swapping full fat milk to semi skimmed, or eating low fat cheese instead of full fat.

Eat diet breads or switch to wholemeal bread, and wholemeal pasta and brown rice.

If you must have that pizza or portion of chips or that box of chocolates, share share share, no you wont know how many calories you ate but you wont feel so bad because you have shared it you also will eat less of it.

Don't count calories if you can help it, you can quickly get obsessed with it, i have been there and developed an eating disorder.

If you are a tea of coffee addict then whilst waiting for the kettle to boil each time do a little stretching or dancing or jogging on the spot.

Fidget, any bit of movement add toward the overall calorie burning.

Add more vegetables to your plate, the more veggies you eat the quicker your digestion works.

Drink lots of water or green tea.


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