Healthy Eating and Drinking: New Revelation.

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I went in a time machine to the world of 2700. Here is what they recommended us to eat and drink.

New Diet.

Someone took me for a trip in a time machine today, and we visited the world of 2700 AD. I brought back a holo-article on a super-healthy diet, and here is what it recommended.

Smoke at least 50 cigarettes per day. This reduces stress, toughens the arteries, controls appetite and stimulates the metabolism.

Drink at least 21 units of Alcohol per week, where 1 unit is half a pint of beer or a measure of whisky. Again reduces stress, and beer flushes the kidneys. Excellent source of nutrition, with swift calorie input.

Enjoy drugs, another stress-busting intake.

Eat plenty of saturated fats, especially animal fats. Slices of dripping and white bread are excellent here.

Eat lots of fried food. Very tasty.

Choose processed foods for easy digestion.

Avoid fresh, unprocessed foods such as fruit, vegetables, salads, nuts and legumes. Thereby steer clear of polyunsaturated fats.

Avoid cereals, wholemeal breads and other roughage: they’ll give you wind (and that’s putting it politely).

Avoid fish products.

Avoid drinking pure water.

Eat while having sex: everything will be well stirred.

There you are. I jest of course. The other side of this coin might just be more sensible. Don’t try the above at home.


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author avatar Retired
20th Oct 2010 (#)

The future, I want to go there, LOL! I just got freaked out when that interactvie advertisement started talking,,, skeery!!! Dial-up doesn't do interactive very well. Nice article and point well taken.

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author avatar Paul Butters
20th Oct 2010 (#)

Thanks Elaine. Not getting the advert myself but glad you like the piece. I pressed Like myself just to get it on Facebook fr my mates.

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author avatar Retired
20th Oct 2010 (#)

YW Paul, that ad is gone this time 'round. Your mates should get a kick out of this article.

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author avatar Denise O
22nd Oct 2010 (#)

I want to take a ride in your time machine and you can drop my butt right at the year 2700 AD. LOL
Thank you for sharing.:)

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