Healthy Food for Losing Weight - When to Eat or When not to Eat ?

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Everyone wants to know that how can they reduce weight. And they have tried lot of different ways to lose weight.

Healthy Food for Weight Loss

Everyone knows how difficult it is to deal with excess weight, sometimes the process has been delayed for many years and ends with the victory of appetite. Kilograms are growing, and the thought of parting with their inability to turn into chronic stress, which seized chocolates and cakes, not letting go of the man closed the distance.

Healthy food for many seems to be something unreachable, because the store did not sell the product with the label "healthy food", on the contrary, the labels are arranged in such a way that the composition of the product the customer is very difficult to guess. Sometimes even in the most ordinary yogurt hiding completely unprofitable content.

At the same time, proper nutrition as a system seems to many a conspiracy. Even on the Internet, you can learn about it just fits and starts. It turns out that if you want to eat, you have to either go to a special group where the money for the skills of a healthy approach to food will train trainers or to collect the crumbs of knowledge.

General advice on proper nutrition by the nutritionists:

- Eliminate from your diet all processed products and semi-finished products. They contain harmful vegetable fats and trans fats, which will accumulate in the body.

- Avoid soda, sugary juices, alcohol

- The daily diet should consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at least two snacks.

- Frequent meals helps to speed up metabolism, and whole foods and a balanced diet will allow banish body fat and gain muscle.

- Drink plenty of clean water. The average daily rate of 1.5 liters. Water helps remove toxins and speed up metabolism.

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What to Take In the Meals and When ?

In the morning ,drink a glass of warm water with empty stomach . The same should be done, and for half an hour before meals. Drink after a meal with a difference of minimum 30 minutes. It is important for the digestion of food passed without excess fluid, it dilutes the concentration of gastric juice and "flushes" all substances by their places assimilation. By the way, the tea liquid is not considered, it is better to try to minimize its use and replace herbal vitamin taxes.

Correctly combine protein and carbohydrate foods. The minimum daily requirement of 30 g fat, 90 g protein, 50 g carbohydrates.

Remember that carbohydrates are divided into fast and slow. The first entirely unprofitable - it is sweets, cakes, chocolate, etc. Slow carbohydrates allow to adjust the metabolism, their daily rate shall be no less than 60% of the total amount of food. To slow carbohydrates include whole grains, vegetables, mushrooms, not sugary fruits: apples, grapefruit, oranges, bananas, etc.

Track your caloric. Now it is very easy, there are plenty of user-friendly applications to count calories.

Some More Suggestions

Avoid yogurts with additives - They contain a lot of starch, and from him fat. Also, do not need to eat low-fat dairy products - they do not do any good body, while the yogurt with a fat content of 2.5 percent saturate the body with beneficial fats.

Eat more vegetables and fruits in the morning - After 18 hours of carbohydrate foods are best avoided. We should not at this time to lean on apples and other fruits. The body does not have time to process them to sleep and they are processed into oil. The last meal should be no later than 19.00. After that you can afford only a snacks or yogurt at 21.00.

Limit salt intake - it retains fluid in the body and contributes to the accumulation of fat. The daily intake of salt for healthy people is 5 grams. Slimming need to reduce this figure.

Absolutely refuse to fat is impossible - They are responsible for skin, hair and much more. But let the fat will be useful and correct. Source of useful fat - red fish.

High-quality and low-fat chicken, beef and veal did not hurt - Conversely saturate your body proteins.

Engage in any feasible sports, the main thing - to start moving - Enroll in the pool, ride a bicycle, rollerblading. Even the minimum daily activity will make you leaner.


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