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The article is information on heart transplants. It gives data and care instructions in detail.

Health and Heart Transplant

In December 1967, the first human heart transplant happened. The person was in his 50’s. Unfortunately, the individual lived for 18 days after the heart transplant.

This was due to pneumonia issues. The medication needed research to keep a patient strong and healthy.

Heart Transplant and the Beginning

Several other medical issues can cause heart diseases. These are just a few. known cause heart disease. Here are just a few:

Congenital is a disease or abnormal heart
Coronary these are the arteries that surround the heart
Heart Failure it would be shortness of breath, tightness, and becoming tired frequently. Pulmonary refers to the blood flow
Valvular heart disease.

Several causes of death can happen after the transplant:

Rejection suddenly Certain Infections Cancer Other heart diseases Several categories are listed for those in need of a heart transplant. The urgent need, Needs hospital care,

They Can deal with medication while waiting at home, In addition inactive which can be a change in certain conditions.

Research, data, and health is an important part of everyone’s life. Heart issues are at the top of the lists. Medical technology has the means to help people stay healthy.

The medical researchers have made it possible and quicker to receive a heart transplant. These advances will continue to be taught. They will help patients in need of transplants quicker.

The patient and donor must meet the requirements for the list. The data needed is blood type, age, female, male and weight. Possibly, the geographical areas in which the patient lives.

Most patients will be ready to go home in two weeks. Many Follow-up and therapy appointments are scheduled in the future, to check on the well-being.

Heart Transplant Procedure

Once the patient is in the hospital, A team of nurses preps the patient for surgery. This includes all the necessary tubes and machines needed during surgery.

The Doctor cracks a part of the bone to get to the Heart. This is so that everything continues to work while the heart is being removed.

When the Patient wakes up

When the patients wake up will be in ICU. Then, they take the heart from the donor and replace the patient’s, heart. The hospital stay is for up to two weeks.

This is to make sure that everything is working correctly. Some tubes and machines that will be removed after surgery.

After Surgery

After the surgery, there are several appointments to test the blood levels, changes of medication. There will be exercises and therapies to the patient.

This is to make sure that all the functions and no rejections. Regular appointments will be routine to keep regular.

Long term care

The patient will be in for many long-term biopsies yearly or Bi-yearly. This will be a tube through the neck or groin. Doctors will take a small piece of the heart and examine

There may be adjustments of medications to help the heart and body run properly. Side effects from medications will happen and be adjusted accordingly. The Doctor’s instructions, and appointments are crucial to healing.

Other Transplant Information

Sometimes Physicians d not tell you everything you need to know for the heart transplant. This is basically, because they do not always know. For example, about 70% or more of patients these people will live about 5 years or so after the transplant. Transplant parts do not last forever.

The cost for the transplant is extremely high out of pocket. The waiting time for a transplant may be from months to years. The restrictions for the requirements on transplant may not be fair. In addition,

women may not be evaluated as equally as men. Sometimes, a person can be too overweight for a transplant.


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