Heartburn Pregnancy treatment

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heartburn is the symptom of pregnancy, though its not serious but it makes the mood swings

Treat heartburn

how to get rid of your heartburn during pregnancy, what are the natural cures you can use to treat it, that is what this article is about, it will help you to have a happy pregnancy. here you will get the best cures to have the best in your pregnancy journey.
Heartburn in pregnancy.

Heartburn is common in pregnancy, some will have it at the beginning of the pregnancy and some will have this burning sensation later in the three quarters of their pregnancy.

What is heartburn

It is a burning feeling in your chest plus a sour taste in your mouth. Some ladies experience this at morning and some ladies experience it during the day.

It is a normal sensation during pregnancy, and that’s due to the hormonal changes. These high hormones will make your digestive tract muscles relax and that allows the acids go back up from your stomach to your mouth. There is more factors that influence this heartburn including the uterus. The uterus grows bigger and bigger during your pregnancy, and will push the stomach and its content up, these two reasons cause the heartburn in pregnancy. So there are physical and psychological factors that cause this burning sensation. Heartburn can be mild or severe. When it is severe it can disturb your eating and your daily activities. If you understand what is heartburn and how it happen, you will be able to avoid it.

These remedies are going to help you to control the heartburn so you can have a happy pregnancy. And with the time you are going to eat better and sleep better.

Home cures

Eat when ever you are hungry, because empty stomach causes heartburn

snacks between your meal

No sweets is a must

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