Helping Children Prevent Tooth Erosion

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Tooth erosion appears mostly in children and unlike the complex and varying factors contributing to tooth decay, tooth erosion has a primary cause, acidic and sugary drinks.

How is Tooth Erosion Different Than Tooth Decay?

While tooth erosion and tooth decay are common issues involving the compromise of the enamel on teeth, they have differing causal factors. Tooth erosion is linked to an acidic chemical reaction that causes the tooth to break down, mostly from sugary drinks. Tooth decay, or cavities, are caused by bacterial infections from food particles are not brushed from the tooth and flossed from in between them. While cavities are one of the most common and widely recognized dental problem for many years, tooth erosion is a relatively recent in its recognized status as a major dental health issue. While people of all ages get cavities, it has been found that generally tooth erosion is a disease that first appears in childhood.

Tips for Helping Children Prevent Tooth Erosion

- Just because fruit juice is natural and tasty to children, they are very acidic and contain lot of sugar. Do not give it to them regularly, especially not in a bottle.
- Reserve carbonated soft drinks as a special treat occasionally, for example, only during parties or having dinner at Grandma's house.
- Talk to them about how teeth are precious and cannot be replaced. Remind them how important they are for a nice smile
- Implement a reward system when they demontrate good dental hygiene practices
- Familiarize yourself as a parent with a basic chemistry lesson. A simple understanding of the Ph scale and how acid and base react with the tooth can help you remember what to limit

Signs That May Indicate Tooth Decay

- Teeth that are sensitive and painful
- Noticing color changes on the surface of tooth
- Unpleasant tastes in the mouth and possibly bad breath
- Unpleasant sensations when consuming hot and cold food and beverages

It is important to note that children do not always have the words to explain how they feel, and that even adults do not realize they have a problem sometimes initially, as erosion may only become noticeable in an advanced state. Regular exams, preventive lifestyle practices, and commitment to good hygiene practices are the best plans to follow.


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