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What happens when your leg is broken in a third world country

Living and Dying in the 3rd World

On the 14 of May 2011 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. My leg was badly broken and I was taken to a place that is a cross between a frontline field hospital in 1800 and Dachau.

It is called Kingston Public Hospital and the 'care' one receives there is less than dispensed during natural disasters by amatuers trying their best.

One Step Up

I was left to die on Saturday afternoon. My leg rudely washed, stitched wrapped into a plaster caste, and put on a cot where I would remain until Moday morning when a friend of mine physically removed me and took me to a very expensive private hospital which only took cash up front.

Feeling sorry for me, the Doctor did a proper cast, and sent me to the University Hospital, where I was taken by another friend.

I was finally admitted by early Tuesday morning.

I was examined on Wedsnesday and given something to eat, which was the first food I'd had since Saturday morning.

I received little care and was told I didn't need an operation. I know I needed an operation.

Self Help

I contacted a friend who owned a travel agency who got me a ticket for Monday. Because he didn't know what to do, my friend Wendy who is blind took over.

"Welcome to my world" she said.

She made contacts so that I would be met by a wheel chair and an agent who would stay with me until the flight was boarded.

I couldn't walk at all, didn't know anything, and going to the bathroom was like climbing Mount Everest.

As my friend hadn't a clue he'd booked me in 'economy' with no leg space so I had to hold my leg for the flight from Kingston to Miami. I was lucky as the seat with the bit of leg room was given up to me by a Japanese tourist.

In Miami I was taken off the plane, through Customs then dumped in a departure lounge with three hours to the flight.

I couldn't move.

He'd taken the wheel chair so I had to sit as best as I could with an enormous cast on my leg on a narrow chair. I couldn't move to the counter, and if I shouted for attention it was a problem to the attendents, like 'how dare you speak to me like that...' although anyone could see that I was incapacitated.

Welcome to my world

The words of Wendy went through my mind. She is blind and she would be put in some strange departure lounge in some country and expected to keep smiling, to act ever so effacing while people ignored her. And she couldn't ever mention the fact that she couldn't do better, she was blind.

She didn't mean to take a seat, or to annoy an agent, but being blind she couldn't read the sign, she couldn't find the bathroom without help.

Sitting there with this cast, in serious pain, I had to learn to smile and act friend and ever so nicely beg an agent to please speak to me, and then watch him do everything else in the world before he came around to give me 10 seconds of his precious time.

I had to resort to making statements such as; "I hate to bother you but I'm crippled, I can not walk, I can not move this leg. Could you please find wheel chair for me?"

Out of every five people there would be one with a little compassion, and I was lucky an agent got me a chair, got me on the flight, built a little stand for my foot, and I went from Miami to Orlando where I was met, put into a hospital then had a six hour operation so as to save my leg.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
31st May 2011 (#)

WOW, I was wondering where you had been. I watched a show a while ago that one of the countries with the best medical care for its people was... Cuba. I thought that was very interesting. I am sorry you have such bad care in Jamaica

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author avatar kaylar
31st May 2011 (#)

Cuba has excellent care...Jamaica has none. Absolutely none...they couldn't even treat a broken leg

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
12th Jun 2011 (#)

Sorry to know of your injury.
Hope you have recovered now.

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author avatar saurik
20th Jun 2011 (#)

I am glad you made it to the US.

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author avatar kaylar
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

Was operated on, very litle follow up, so I arrived back in Ja today. Thanks for the good wishes

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