Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy diet which won't break the bank

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Ever wondered how you can still enjoy your food and still maintain a budget? Here are some tips to hold onto the pennies and stop overspending on food

How to maintain a healthy diet on a budget

This is actually very easy. The main thing is to organise your meals, and try and do one food shop for the week. With London as it is, houseshares, and sometimes not being able to keep a noisy fridge on at night (one place I lived in) this can be a challenge.

The long way round it would be keep a record of everything you spend on food for a week, to work out a realistic budget. You'll be surprised how many 80p chocolate bars and 1 pound bottles of water crop up on your list which can easily be eliminated (oh come on,we all eat chocolate). Then only draw out cash for the week and keep your food budget money separate, even in a separate purse if needs be (I learned these savvy tips when saving up several years ago to live abroad).

With only a limited budget, you'll be surprised how little you can get away with spending, and how much more time you spend in the fruit and veg section of the supermarket- there are fruits of all different colours and everything. Things like sugary cereal can be substituted for porridge (which keeps you full longer), that 'low fat' (but full of sugar) yoghurt can be replaced by a banana, and anything white (pasta, bread, crumpets -oh ok keep them in if you must) can all go wholemeal, which is healthier and nice 'roughage' to keep you regular. Spinach is great, and will keep for days, in the place of those weird salads with red leaves you find yourself picking out.

You can also make a healthier pasta sauce by cutting out the lloyd grossman and buying a sugar-free passata (ask for the tinned tomatoes section in-store to avoid a confused expression), then add seasoning. You really start to feel very retro/ the good life/ a little bit smug in how much money you can save, but above all how much healthier you can become.

A final tip is stay hydrated, a 1.5 litre bottle of water per day will do it (heavy to carry, but it keeps your metabolism up a treat, flushes out all the nasties, and is a miracle anti-aging treatment), a lot of hunger is actually thirst in disguise. That doesn't mean stopping eating all together, just stay natural in what you eat, hit all the main food groups, and vary where you shop too.

I came across 50p punnets of strawberries and blueberries at a market one day, at their normal price and was genuinely stunned. Having a 'points card' can keep us tied to certain supermarkets, but why not spread the love to other small businesses?

Final,final tip, take a jar of coffee to school (if still at school - ie college) and just ask for 'hot water and milk' from the canteen, then add your coffee. It will save you loads. You do NOT need expensive lattes every day, we survived at school for years without them, gasp, and you'll feel that little bit more smug for making it at home!


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