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Hey want to get rid of this suffocating bad smell of sweat from your body? Does it make you and your partner uncomfortable? What to do? Just Read On…………..

Get Rid OF The Bad Body Odour !!

This problem is common to most of us. Specially those who are living in a hot climatic country. Prolonged workouts, your job, your family involvements and other such things of your daily routine make your body have a bath of sweat which you continuously lose from your sweat glands at a fast rate. It makes your untidy, dirty as well as a bad smell surrounds your body all day long.

The bad smell of sweat comes out from your body because of bacteria occurring from kidney or liver disorders, deficiency of toxins from your body and nevertheless simply from not keeping yourself clean.

So there is no need to worry as we got the tips which you would surely find helpful to get rid of the bad smell. Find out by the following:

· Use anti-bacterial soap while taking a bath.

· Wash your underarms by a mug filled with water and white vinegar.

· Use drops of rose water in your bath water. You will feel fresh the whole day long.

· Use deodorants rather than powders. Powders get deposited on the body by absorbing the sweat, when your body sweats in the hot.

· Drink a lot of water and juices of fresh fruits and veggies. It lowers the rate of sweat flow.

· Wear clean cotton cloths only. Avoid dark cloths.

· Use cotton clothing inside the shirts like vests because they are helpful in absorbing the sweat so that your shirt remains dry. And change your vest two times a day. If you work in a very hot climate then change your clothes twice a day.

. And the most important, whenever you take bath, don't leave any part of your body which is wet and will remain covered with tight clothes. Like the area between your legs and arms. Clean them thoroughly so that there is no chance of infection.

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